So much has changed for you in the past 12-18 months.

The same is true for your competitors.

It is crucial to understand your organization’s digital marketing maturity, and how it compares to the competition, in order to be a leader in your industry.

How Does Your Digital Marketing Compare?

Our team of expert strategists will analyze your competitors’ online presence and provide you not only with actionable insights on their strengths and weaknesses, but also how your own efforts measure up.

What's covered in the digital competitive assessment?

Our digital competitive analysis is imperative for benchmarking. By comparing your digital marketing efforts to those of your competitors, you can see where you stand in the market. This can help you set realistic goals and measure your progress over time.

Here is what you will receive in this engagement:

  • Comprehensive multi-channel marketing assessment & scoring
  • Online presence comparison analysis (with 5 of your designated competitors)
  • Chart of your current ranking in a continuum
  • New opportunities for progression

This engagement can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks. If you have any specific elements or a special request for your assessment, let us know and we’ll include it.

How is the digital competitive assessment delivered?

Our team will meet with you to discuss your key areas of concern or opportunity, and will help you decide on five competitors and three digital channels that can provide the most data for us to analyze. The same channels are used for all five competitors, but more can be added as needed.

Our team of expert strategists will do the rest! We’ll compile a comprehensive report that includes an overview of each competitor’s online presence, their digital marketing strategies, and our recommendations for improving your own marketing efforts.

While specific areas are custom to each digital channel, we look at things like:

  • keywords they’re targeting
  • content they’re creating on their blog
  • social media engagement and posting schedules
  • website traffic
  • online advertising strategies

All this data will be presented to you in an easy-to-understand format, with clear recommendations on how to be best in class for your own digital marketing efforts.


What are the benefits of a digital competitive analysis?

1. It will clearly identify gaps in your own digital marketing strategy. By analyzing your competitors’ strategies, you can see where you’re falling short and where you need to improve.

2. You’ll also gain a better understanding of your target audience and their needs. This can help you tailor your messaging and content to better meet their preferences.

3. It will identify new opportunities. By analyzing your competitors’ strategies, you will discover new keywords, platforms, or tactics that you haven’t considered before. This can give you a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the curve.


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