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25 Brain Lubricants to Generate Content Ideas

Authors: Barry Feldman Barry Feldman
Posted Under: Content Marketing
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Brain Lubricants

badge-guest-post-FLATTERFeeling stuck? The content’s not coming. It happens. I’m often asked where do you find ideas? I’m not sure I have the answers, but the question got me thinking.

The tin man followed the yellow brick road. No guarantees, but maybe one of the following brain lubricants ease you on down the road to Oz.

1. Get Going

That shiny, white monitor in your sterile, stuffy office often stares you down and acts like brain quicksand. Get out of there. Get on a bus, train, subway, in your car, or on a bike and the wheels may start spinning.

2. Get Curious

Ditch your tried and true resources. Read something you normally wouldn’t. Watch something you never have. Force-feed yourself something you suspect wouldn’t appeal to you. Be a discoverer.

3. Get Visual

Immerse yourself in photos, illustrations, paintings, sculpture, something from the world beyond words.

4. Get Tidy

Put your mind on the tedious task of tidying up. File. Clean. Straighten stuff up. Make lists. Unclutter your space and ideas may spill forth.

5. Get Social

Tweet. Talk. Wander through cyberspace with your eyes and ears open to anyone and anything.

6. Get Inspired

Got a bookcase full of dusty old classics? Crack one open. Try poetry. Hit Pinterest for inspirational quotes. There’s something about great thinkers that makes you think.

7. Get Goofy

Goofy, Winnie, Elmo, Nemo, Beavis, Bart, Bugs, Buzz Lightyear… doesn’t matter. Suspend your disbelief, march to a silly toon, and try living inside a crazier character for a spell.

8. Get Calm

Only the most practiced meditators actually succeed in clearing their mind, but it’s about the journey, not the destination. Try journeying into la-la land with soothing sounds, mantras or hypnotic musings. Who knows what will surface.

9. Get Naked

This one’s not ideal for the office, but at home it could be just the ticket. For me, a hot shower often proves to be a steamy little think tank.

10. Get Argumentative

You can do it. Be a big badass rebutter. Anywhere you look you’re bound to find something too silly, safe, or stupid to swallow. Push back.

11. Get Giggly

Laughter’s the best medicine for whatever ails you, including brain freeze. Fire up Cosby, Carlin, Rodney, Rickles, Ellen, Leno, Letterman or whichever comic tickles your fancy and try giggling instead of Googleing.

12. Get Over Yourself

Now here’s an idea: you don’t have to be the source of every idea. Hit a friend or family member up for ideas. Should that not work, steal one from a perfect stranger.

13. Get Fearless

What if there were no rules? No boundaries. No expectations. No consequences. What if you could do, say or write anything? It’s just an exercise, so fear not. Step outside of your comfort zone.

14. Get Unsatisfied

Did that crazy maniac inside you get too comfortable or train you to settle for the same old same old? Look at a satisfactory solution all over again and challenge it. Dismiss it. Flush it and find another path that may take you even further.

15. Get Buzzed

I’m not advocating breaking the law, but perhaps a safe and sane approach to killing a few brain cells could give birth to exciting new ideas. Just saying.

16. Get Young

With age comes a mindset to apply your experience and approach things a certain way. Think below your years. Revisit immaturity. Surround yourself with kids, Legos, tinker toys, and the good Dr. Seuss. The innocent age can be so liberating.

17. Get the Gospel

Grab the Good Book or something that brings out your spiritual side. I’ve never said it out loud, but I often find the pastor uncorks my cranium.

18. Get Inquisitive

It doesn’t hurt to ask. Ask questions. Ask for suggestions. Ask for feedback. Ask somebody something and you might get a point of view that points you in a new direction.

19. Get Historic

Perhaps your next big idea gets ignited from a blast from the past. Revisit a place, time, or figure and see if history holds the key.

20. Get to the Store

A stroll through the mall or strip center might be an interesting distraction. You’ll be bombarded with merchandising and marketing ideas.

21. Get Wild

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Hit a zoo, aquarium, animal shelter or even a jungle book. The animal kingdom might give you some wild ideas.

22. Get Scientific

Chemistry, biology, anatomy, physics… Take your pick. I’m thinking exploring the left brain might do the right side some good.

23. Get Stuffed

Cook. Bake. Eat. Something in the spice rack could be inspiring. Turn on all five senses.

24. Get Sweaty

Give your brain a break. Put your body in motion. Wear it out. I believe the brain will feel left out and come storming back.

25. Get to Bed

For me, when it’s dark, a light often comes on. Even if this doesn’t happen for you, sometimes you just have to give it a rest.

Do you have any ideas for generating ideas? This would be a great place to share them.

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