25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing

STRICTLY (1)badge-jay-saysAt Convince & Convert we’ve been doing a lot of content marketing strategy work for B2B companies lately, and while every client circumstance is different (which is what makes consulting an interesting endeavor), I’ve definitely found some common themes and typical areas for improvement.

Here are 25 of the questions I’ve been asking to B2B companies about content marketing. Maybe some of these will make you think about your own content marketing program and opportunities to expand, enhance, and optimize it. I sprinkled throughout some of the tools we often use and recommend. I’ll work on a full tools blog post for early next year.

These are listed alphabetically, but I’d love to know which of these are most interesting and relevant to you, so please vote up the ones you like best on this Listly:

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25 Questions I Ask About B2B Content Marketing


Are you willing to not just create content, but curate it as well, sharing worthy information even if it's not yours?...

Dec 13, 2014

Do you use software to help select optimal topics for your blog? (we use InboundWriter and AtomicReach)

Dec 13, 2014

Do you routinely interview your customers?

Dec 13, 2014

How do you get non-marketers involved? How do you unlock the knowledge of your subject matter experts?

Dec 13, 2014

How are you atomizing your content and taking a big idea and making many smaller content executions from it?

Dec 13, 2014

Do you have personas?

Dec 13, 2014

How are you decentralizing content so your "best stuff" isn't solely residing on your own URL?

Dec 13, 2014

Do you capture and analyze queries that come in to your customer service team?

Dec 13, 2014

Do you "market your marketing" and create promotional plans for major content initiatives?

Dec 13, 2014

How can you get employees involved as social media advocates?

Dec 13, 2014

What is your Slideshare strategy?

Dec 13, 2014

Are you maximizing the creation of real-time content (including photos and short videos) at events you host or attend?

Dec 13, 2014

How are you using marketing automation to communicate 1:1 with prospects?

Dec 13, 2014

Do you test and optimize your landing pages? (we use Formstack)

Dec 13, 2014

Do you determine whether or not content is "gated" with a form based on funnel stage, rather than content type?

Dec 13, 2014

Do you use social log-in to maximize form completion rates?

Dec 13, 2014

What metrics do you use to measure content effectiveness, beyond consumption?

Dec 13, 2014

Does your home page have a rotating carousel that says "we don't really know what's most important, here's five optio...

Dec 13, 2014

Do you use tools like Buzzsumo to investigate what content in your category is already successful?

Dec 13, 2014

Have you considered creating a podcast to spotlight your best customers?

Dec 13, 2014

Are you using retargeting ads to put your next piece of great content on the radar of previous visitors to your site?

Dec 13, 2014

Are you using platforms like Captora to accelerate and extend your search-friendly content repository?

Dec 13, 2014

Are you using content hubs like Uberflip to build topical destinations containing content of multiple types and formats?

Dec 13, 2014

When you create great content, do you promote it to employees (especially sales) first?

Dec 13, 2014

How are you creating more video, and optimizing it to be found?

Dec 13, 2014

(disclosure: Formstack is a Convince & Convert sponsor. I am an investor in Captora. InboundWriter, Uberflip, and AtomicReach have given us free demo accounts)

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