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Blog Rescue: 7 Common Problems with Corporate Blogs

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Blog Rescue: 7 Common Problems with Corporate Blogs
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badge-blog-rescueIf you’re reading this blog, it means that you’re doing a lot right. Your company, brand or client is already on all relevant social media platforms. You’re thinking in terms of editorial calendars and themes. You develop contests and offer your audience Youtility. You’ve got a robust digital presence with eye-catching videos, maybe even a podcast, and of course the requisite corporate blog.

Maybe you’re feeling like that blog isn’t doing as well as it should. Whether it’s not reaching the right audience, generating the kind of engagement or leads you’re looking for, or it’s just feeling a little lackluster, you’ve come to the right place.

You already know that Convince & Convert is all about social and content, and now we want to help YOU with your corporate blog.

Let Us Rescue Your Blog

It’s called Blog Rescue. If you’ve been managing the company blog for five years or five weeks, we can help.

Email us at and tell us:

1) Where to find your blog,

2) What you believe your issues are, and

3) Your goals.

We (Megan and Zontee) will pick a submission and turn weakness into wows with an audit here on the Convince & Convert blog. (tweet this)

In the meantime, let’s help you get on track with some common missteps we see in the blogosphere:

7 Common Problems on Corporate Blogs (and How to Fix Them)

1. Don’t Get Too Text-Heavy

Today’s blog reader isn’t reading every word you’ve written. Instead, your blog reader is more of a browser. What gets in the way of a good blog browse? A lot of text… especially if your reader is browsing on a mobile device.

Most corporate blogs still write for the person sitting in front of a desktop and reading a post in its entirety. That’s doesn’t make sense for the modern reader. Think about popular sites like BuzzFeed and Huffington Post; they use lists and captioned slide-shows to keep things moving.

2. Use Categories Well

Commonly, blogs don’t use categories effectively to organize posts. We see instances where there are just too many categories. We also see instances where categories make sense to the author, not the reader. Categories, when used right, are a map for your blog, so put them to work.

3. Reveal the Experts

Every company has its share of experts, but they are rarely the ones who get to tell the story from their perspective. Most organizations are more comfortable with the marketing or communications team writing blog posts, not the experts. But nothing can replace expert insight.

Experts can provide some of the most useful and popular posts on your blog. Encourage key people like creative directors (if you’re in a creative space), CEOs or senior technology scientists (if you’re in tech) to share their thoughts. If they need some guidance, interview them and write a Q&A-style post. For great ideas for deep-diving questions, check out The Corner Office by Adam Bryant, an engrossing book based on his ongoing New York Times column featuring interviews with CEOs.

4. Blog ≠ Broadcast

Your blog is an opportunity to engage your customers, foster dialogue, and provide them with useful content that answers the questions they have about your product and company. Many companies still use blogs to  – the way the company is comfortable with.

But you know better! Ask the hard-hitting questions of your audience and don’t shy away from the answers they give. Criticism is an opportunity to show your humanity and address issues before they get away from you.

5. Write Better Headlines

Overly creative headlines don’t tell your readers anything. Overly underwhelming headlines don’t hook your reader. Erik Deckers wrote a clear and helpful guest post earlier this month that we recommend you check out. Put his tips into action and your headlines will be on the right track.

6. Show It. Don’t Blow It.

You know as well as we that in today’s Instagram/Pinterest/News Feed-heavy world, images are powerful. The right image can convey your story and catch readers’ attention when its thumbnail is previewed on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+.

Be thoughtful in choosing images. Make sure featured images (you are setting a featured image, right?) look good cropped square (as they are likely to be displayed on many sites). Don’t use images that are cliché; Lean In and Getty have launched an entire line of photos meant to combat the overused “women, according to stock photography” issues — so be part of the solution, not the problem.

7. The Chance of Taking a Chance is 0%

One of the biggest challenges of having a blog that works – a blog that gets the time and attention of your prospects — is keeping it relevant and interesting. You can’t do this without taking chances and trying something that’s different than the status quo.

Look for new content angles or different perspectives to tell an old story. For instance, tell the story of an intern’s first time at a photo shoot or share a day in the CEO’s office as a photomontage. Take a chance on the way you use your blog to keep your audience coming back.  

Blog Rescue: A Reminder

Can your blog benefit from a Convince & Convert audit? Email us at and tell us:

1) Where to find your blog,

2) What you believe your issues are, and

3) Your goals.

We’ll select submissions* and will share our thoughts in future editions of “Blog Rescue.”

*Please note that a submission does not guarantee that your blog will be selected for an audit. If you are selected, we will contact you; please do NOT email us to follow up on submissions. You must be authorized by the entity, whose blog you submit, to contact Convince & Convert on its behalf. By submitting, you agree to cooperate with Convince & Convert and to have us publically audit the corporate blog submitted and to share our findings on You also agree to allow us to reproduce the original submission email in part or in full on 

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