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Don’t Be a Content Marketing Grinch

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
Posted Under: Content Marketing
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This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series of Webinines: short Webinars of 9 minutes or fewer.

Because it’s seemingly 150 degrees throughout most of the country, I went with a cool weather holiday theme on this one.

Your Content Should Be Centralized and Decentralized

The default state for most content marketing initiatives is to focus on content that we OWN, that resides on web properties we control. Web pages, white papers, and PDFs that live on our own dot com address. This is a legacy mentality that is left over from the days when “website traffic” was the coin of the realm.

When you’re focused on getting eyeballs to your owned content, there are only a few primary ways to accomplish this:

  • search
  • links in social shown to your opt-in fans
  • email
  • direct URL entry

In each of these circumstances, the people visiting your site are largely aware of you already. The chances of you winning a click in search go up dramatically if the searcher knows your brand. All those people you interact with in social media? They already know your brand. Your email subscribers? Same thing. And especially direct URL entry….nobody is just randomly guessing your website address.

So to prevent the artificial truncation of your audience, you need both centralized content (that you own), and decentralized content (that you don’t own).

Be A Digital Dandelion

The key is to get more bait in the water, because every place and every way that you tell your story online is another opportunity for people who don’t already know you to find you. And, it’s another opportunity for your most important customer (Google) to find you, too.

In addition to driving traffic to your own website via search and email, etc. you could take that content (or a variation of it) and:

And that’s just scratching the surface. Each and every time you decentralize your content, you make it findable by people who don’t know you yet, and that’s how you drive your business forward – not by preaching to the choir.

How are you decentralizing your content marketing?

And how do you like the Webinine concept?

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