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52 Ways to Make the Most of Your Content Marketing

Authors: Assaf Dudai Assaf Dudai
Posted Under: Content Marketing
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You’ve heard it a thousand times: A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve taken that to the next level by combining pictures and words.

So many words are written everyday. There’s an influx of content. We are going through the content motions, but we mostly fail to see any real worth from it. It’s more complicated than that, even, since we’re not even sure how to measure content ROI.

This is something we noticed a while back, and it’s been bothering us ever since. We started documenting and analyzing our own content operation to derive some meaningful insights and, hopefully, learn a thing or two about how make the most of this thing called content.

Our main takeaway from our learning experience is that every step counts. Like my auntie used to say, “There are no shortcuts in content.” (She actually said it about life, but I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded me paraphrasing.)

So we started putting it all down on paper, in words. Words turned to sentences, and sentences accumulated into paragraphs. Then we realized, “Oh no, we are doing it again! We are writing yet another piece of content!” We thought, “There must be a better way”—or maybe not better, just different. There must be some other, refreshing way to communicate our thoughts and insights about content.

Can it be done? Can you communicate in a fun way, so that quality content increases engagement and conversion?

The Quest to Create Both Fun and Actionable Content

At first, we weren’t so sure. We thought it was content’s destiny to be informative, actionable, and analytical—in different words, dry. We looked up to the sky in despair, asking the universe to guide us in our quest for fun and actionable content.

And then we saw it: a beautiful, bright, shiny dribbble star in the night’s sky. We immediately knew it was the universe’s answer to our query. (And then a basketball hit Merav right in the forehead, and we realized it was just a kid playing on the street next to our office.)

So here it is: a unique collaboration with 14 incredibly talented dribbble designers from all over the globe. Each one of them created a few illustrations for this deck, bringing our words to life. We’ll take this opportunity to thank them once again: BrightInfo loves you all.

For you marketers out there, this is your chance to consume content about content without being aware of it. It’s a graphic novel about content marketing—we assume the first of its kind. Kick back, relax, and let’s take the content journey together.

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