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Why Content Marketing Fails and How to Fix It

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
Posted Under: Content Marketing
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Why Content Marketing Fails & How to Fix It

The truth is….


It doesn’t get viewed, shared, or downloaded. It doesn’t generate leads, or sales. It just….IS.

But at the same time, content isn’t free. So when it doesn’t succeed, it’s a problem.

  • Content that fails wastes time
  • Content that fails wastes money
  • Content that fails takes your attention away from something that might work better
  • Content that fails often has to get propped up with expensive ads
  • Content that fails creates stress on you, and among your team
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Plus, your boss (even if that’s YOU) hates content that fails.

I put together a short webinar that will help fix failing content.

My team at Convince & Convert and myself have worked closely with dozens of iconic brands on content marketing success and optimization. We took the best of what we’ve learned over 11 years and boiled it down into this no-cost training.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase content relevance
  • Calculate content value and true ROI
  • Think like a TV network and STOP random acts of content that never work.

Go here now to view Why Content Fails, And How to Fix It

In-Depth Fix for Your Broken Content Marketing

In addition to the Webinar, we just launched a brand-new, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, online training academy:

Transform Your Content Marketing Course

Transform Your Content Marketing Course: The Ultimate Training to Boost Relevancy, Efficiency, and Success

We created the Transform Your Content Marketing Course to help you fix underperforming content once and for all, while giving yourself a new system that will increase relevancy and effectiveness.

The course has 8 modules that you’ll love. A workbook. An exclusive Facebook group for questions and interaction with me and my team. Plus, a ton of added bonuses and extra value, like downloadable, customizable templates. And, it’s super affordable, with a satisfaction guarantee.
Risa Engel was part of our previous course (this new one is better, frankly) and she said:

“I have learned so much from this course. It is so actionable! I feel like I’m saving the school $20,000 – $40,000 in consulting….and I’m in control.”

Here’s what you’ll learn across the 8 modules:

  • Do you have too much content, or too little?
  • How to tie content goals to business goals
  • How to calculate actual content marketing ROI
  • How to better understand your audience
  • How to use segments and personas to create content that succeeds
  • A proprietary process for uncovering what your audience needs to know before buying from you
  • How to map audience needs to content creation
  • The power of binge-worthy content shows, and how to plan and create them
  • Why you need quarterly “special” content, and what formats work best
  • How to determine the right content modality for your key audiences (text, video, audio)
  • The important difference between onsite and offsite content marketing
  • How to spy on your competitors to see what content is working for them
  • How to repurpose and repackage content you already have (time saver!!!)
  • The best way to curate content
  • How to get user-generated content and how to ask permission the right way
  • How to build the content atomization approach into your content marketing strategy
  • How to best create, populate, and update your editorial calendar to keep you SANE, HAPPY, and SUCCESSFUL

We absolutely guarantee Transform Your Content Marketing Course: The Ultimate Training to Boost Relevancy, Efficiency, and Success will be a worth your time and money.

If you go through the program and don’t like it, I’ll buy you any other course (from anyone, about anything) of the same price.

You have zero risk. Let’s make your content marketing work better in 2019 than EVER before, shall we?

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