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9 UX Strategies to Prevent Cart Abandonment (Infographic)

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9 UX Strategies to Prevent Cart Abandonment

According to Ripen eCommerce, $3.38 trillion will be forfeited in abandoned shopping carts globally in 2015. To put that in perspective, that’s about $463 for every person around the world.

So how can marketers cure their abandonment issues? While retargeting emails should be a no-brainer, a website that is user-friendly and easily navigable will make it harder for shoppers to leave in the first place.

Take a look at nine ways to improve your site’s user experience, all backed by statistics from sources in the infographic below.

Customer Reviews

79% of shoppers consider online reviews as trust-worthy as personal recommendations. Solicit reviews via email, and make sure they’re easy to find on your site.

Help Options

74% cite good customer service as a reason to spend more time online. Show that your site cares by installing live chat to provide immediate help during checkout.


16.9% of consumers said they choose to shop offline to protect their privacy. Give your site visitors piece of mind by displaying badges to show that payment is secure.

Call to Action

53% of CTAs take users more than three seconds to find. That’s too long for modern attention spans. Make it easy for consumers to find your CTA by implementing creative A/B tests.


24% of shoppers say they’ve abandoned a cart because navigation felt too complicated. Display a “continue shopping” button after users have added something to their carts.

Guest Checkout

21% of people cite time constraints as a common reason for shopping cart abandonment, so offer a guest checkout option to speed up the process.

Return Policy

66% of consumers say return policies impact their decision to buy. Make your return policy highly visible during both browsing and checkout, and consider including free return labels with every purchase.


44% will abandon a cart because of shipping costs. Try to offer free shipping with a threshold slightly higher than your average order value. In most cases, the investment will pay for itself.

Cart Stuffers

75% of cart abandoners say they plan to return to a site “later on” or go to a store to complete a purchase, but you can use inventory counters and/or limited time offers to compel shoppers to complete a sale.

Check out Ripen’s infographic for more ways to address shopping cart abandonment.

Cart Abandoment Infographic

Infographic republished with permission from the Ripen eCommerce blog.

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