Digital Marketing

These are the archives of the most definitive content, insights, and resources on digital marketing, curated weekly by the Convince & Convert Media team.

May 2015

Local Search

Retargeting Ads

WordPress Plugins

Responsive Web Design

June 2015

Landing Page Optimization Tests

Google Analytics

Social Login

Form Conversions

Email Marketing

July 2015

User Experience Design

Email Testing

Email Conversion Rates

B2B Lead Generation

August 2015

Influencer Identification

Influencer Outreach

Big Data

Crisis Management


September 2015

PPC Marketing

Marketing to Millennials

Visual Branding

October 2015

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Agile Practices

Marketing Automation

Mobile App Development

November 2015

Remote Teams

Lead Scoring

Ratings & Reviews

Holiday Advertising

Persona Development

December 2015

Ad Blocking


Conversion Rate Optimization

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

January 2016

Display Advertising

Heat Mapping

Marketing Automation Mistakes

Chrome Extensions for Marketers

February 2016

Email Conversion Rates

UTM Tracking Codes

Email Marketing Tools

URL Structure

Evernote for Marketing Productivity

March 2016

Celebrities v. Influencers

Customer/Brand Evangelism

Niche Marketing

Optimizing SlideShare

April 2016

Choosing an Email Service Provider

The Freemium Model


Email Signature Marketing

May 2016

Location-Based Marketing

2016 Email Marketing Benchmarks

Remote Teams

Mobile-First Email

June 2016

Brand Awareness

Chatbots and Messaging Apps

Rich Snippets

Slack Communities

July 2016

SEO Audits

User Retention

Wearables for Marketing

August 2016

Account-Based Marketing

S.M.A.R.T. Marketing

Growth Hacks


Bounce Rates

September 2016

Digital Governance

YouTube Bumper Ads

Predictive Analytics

October 2016

Reddit Marketing Tools

Mobile Payment & Commerce

Goals in Google Analytics

November 2016

Event Marketing

Google Ranking Factors

Heat Maps

Geofencing for Marketing

Point of View Marketing

December 2016

Device-Specific Ad Campaigns

Data Quality

Addressable TV

Data Journalism

January 2017

Eye Tracking

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