3 New Features for Google’s Ad Planner

Google announced on Friday via one of their blogs that they have added 3 new features to Ad Planner. 

(note: for more about Ad Planner, and Google’s long-term plan to totally change the ad agency business, read this post from Convince & Convert’s greatest hits)

Impressive that Google has made pretty significant upgrades to Ad Planner only a month after launch, and the new features make it an even more useful tool for ad agency Internet advertising buyers.

  • They’ve added more detail on sites, including a lot of stickiness metrics like time spent, total views, and average visits per visitor. This really helps understanding the potential engagement level of sie visitors.
  • If you already have sites that you know you need to include in your plan (either they’re must buys, or you’re already running them, etc.) you can just type them in, rather than having to search for them in the Ad Planner interface. 
  • Visual indicator that the site is in the plan. This is a helpful step, as it displays an icon next to sites you’ve already included so that you don’t add the same site multiple times. Nice usability touch.
If you haven’t tried Ad Planner yet, you can request an account here

I’ll review Ad Planner in-depth in a future edition of the Convince & Convert Agency Advantage Tools

Have you tried Ad Planner? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. 

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