Are You Fully Integrating Social and Your Website?

Jay Baer Blog Post As I’ve mentioned here before, your company is most likely not in the eyeballs business, you’re in the behavior business. Driving behavior in social media and your website is the fastest and most efficient path to marketing success.

Look at it this way: You have 100,000 visitors to your website each month, and a 1% conversion rate, for a total of 1,000 conversions per month. What’s the best way to increase your results dramatically, and get to 1,500 conversions per month? You could figure out a way to increase your visitors to 150,000 per month (which is what most companies do); or you could increase your conversion rate to 1.5% – which is almost always the easier option.

There are many, many ways to improve conversion rates, and lots of amazing resources online to help you figure that out. But one of the most reliable options to increase conversions is to enable your website visitors to use their existing social media credentials to create an account on your site, sign up for email newsletters, make purchases, and so forth. This removes friction for the visitor, who doesn’t have to take the time to create an account, and doesn’t have to remember yet another password. And it’s better for the site owner (you) too, as the information is accurate because it’s being pulled from a social media profile. This eliminates the problem of people putting fake information into your forms.

Remove Friction, Boost Conversions

Removing this friction and boosting conversions and social sharing behaviors was the subject of a recent Webinar I did with Janrain, an exciting company in Portland that provides the technology to make social log-in work. You can check out the entire Webinar for free below.

Frictionless Social: Boost Sharing and Conversions by Removing Hassles for Consumers from Janrain on Vimeo.

If you’re like me, you probably ponde social log-in and immediately think of Facebook. But research from Janrain (excerpted above) finds that just 54% of social log-in participants use Facebook. Google is second, at 25%, far outpacing Twitter, which surprises me.

Not only does social log-in boost conversions by as much as 50%, 77% of consumer actually prefer social log-in compared to creating a dedicated account. There’s an amazing case study from Samsung in the Webinar, that found that visitors using social log-in are also more likely to engage in other, downstream behaviors that benefit the brand, including a shocking 506% increase in propensity to leave a product review.

The Webinar also includes an entire section on the different types of social sharing technology, including a very nifty new, seamless sharing technology Janrain is piloting with TMZ.

Do you have social sign-in on your website? Is it something you’re considering? I want to implement it here for people signing up for my One Social Thing email newsletter.

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