33 Must-Read Marketing Blogs to Follow

33 Must-Read Marketing Blogs to Follow

Digital marketing blogs may be numerous, but I find them to still be critical. I’ve been in digital marketing for 20 years, and the only way you can stay relevant that long is to read A LOT.

In digital marketing, if you don’t learn you die. Period.

I used Google Reader for quite a while, but after it met its demise, I retreated to a familiar and comfortable (for me) method of keeping up on what’s going on in the industry: email. I subscribe via email and read (or at least scan) nearly 50 blogs. It’s actually far more than that because several of the sources I devour are actually email aggregators that pull the best posts from many, many blogs. I find that gives me the best coverage.

Other members of the team at Convince & Convert have their own reading lists, based on their interests and their topical expertise. Together, we read nearly 150 online publications routinely.

I went through my email for the past week and put together this list of the 33 top digital marketing blogs that I read regularly. I put them into a list.ly format so you can vote for your own favorites. I’m eager to see which you read, as well.

If your blog isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean I don’t read or don’t subscribe. I just don’t read it as routinely as I do these others. Please add your own suggestions on Facebook or Google+, or add to the list.ly for digital marketing blogs I may have overlooked.

Headline for My Top 33 Digital Marketing Blogs
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My Top 33 Digital Marketing Blogs

33 top digital marketing blogs and email aggregators subscribed to and routinely read by Jay Baer of Convince and Convert.
From MediaBistro, this publication is devoted to everything happening at Facebook. They have a Twitter version too, but I find only Facebook changes their minds enough to warrant a platform-specific blog that I'll ready daily.
Brand Savant

Musings on data and statistics and marketing and business from Tom Webster of Edison Research. Sadly, Tom doesn't write as often as I'd like. The good news is that he guest posts at Convince & Convert sometimes (here's his killer archive)


This blog has gotten hugely popular in a short period of time because the content is fascinating, topical and useful. Proud investor in this company, am I.

Contently Content Strategist

I'm really impressed with these guys. Solid info every day for the advanced content marketer.

Content Marketing Institute

The powerhouse of the content marketing industry. Strong information and insights, delivered daily. Great job by Michelle Linn and their editorial team keeping the quality consistently high on this multi-author blog. Looking forward to seeing some of you at Content Marketing World soon (I'm speaking Wednesday, September 10).

Convince and Convert

Hey that's us! I only write a couple of our ten weekly posts, so I definitely read Convince & Convert every day. Subscribe via email here: http://convinceandconvert.com/newsletter


One of the originals, and still one of the best. A must-read, in my estimation. I owe these guys a huge debt, too, because they've helped me a lot with my own blog.


Good and getting better all the time. Thought-provoking insights from a pan-digital perspective. Heavy agency flavor.

Duct Tape Marketing

From John Jantsch and occasional guest contributors, everything that gets published here is worth examining. We work mostly with medium and large businesses at Convince & Convert, but I still learn a lot from Duct Tape and their scrappy, small biz sensibilities. John's new book: Duct Tape Selling is killer, too.


Solid, broad-based digital marketing coverage with a research bent. Very strong in European perspectives too. I'm working on a cool new project with these guys. Stay tuned for more on that!


From my friend the author, speaker, and college professor Mark Schaefer and a good crew of guest writers. {Grow} is a place to find conversations about topics that aren't covered in the more news-oriented blogs. Also a great example of a multi-author blog that somehow maintains a consistent editorial voice.


Remarkable volume of useful content. Essentially defined what a B2B blog could (and should be). These guys live and breathe Youtility (which is why they are mentioned in my book)

Ignite Social Media

I don't read that many blogs written by a single agency, but Jim Tobin and the crew at Ignite seem to consistently come up with interesting approaches that I don't see everywhere else. Bravo! Jim's book "Earn It, Don't Buy It" is full of TRUTH, too. (I got to write the foreword).

LinkedIn Pulse

The email I get each day from LinkedIn Pulse consistently has links to blog posts written (on the LinkedIn platform, typically) that I want to read, but people I don't read enough. Also great for discovering new talent and fresh voices.

Marketing Agency Insider

About 50% of our consulting business at Convince & Convert is on behalf of agencies. Paul Roetzer and his team at PR20/20 write this massively useful blog about all things digital agencies. Terrific advice from the trenches. Paul has a great new book as well (lot of those these days!) called "the Marketing Performance Blueprint"


Hundreds of articles across dozens of categories. Breadth of topics and authors can make this a little bit hit or miss, but the weekly #SocialSkim roundup post from Angela Natividad is required reading. Overseen by Ann Handley, whose new book "Everybody Writes" is the best book on the subject since Stephen King's "On Writing"


Must-read for media observers. A delicious, curated mix of tech and pop culture. Great trend watching.


Recently bought by LinkedIn, I'm a huge fan of Newsle. Daily email that sends me updates and news about people to whom I'm connected on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. If you haven't used this, check it out.

PR Daily News

From Ragan, a nice aggregation of posts of interest to public relations folks. Curated from other sources, and some original content.




Maybe my favorite email to receive each day (other than Quartz, which didn't make this list because it's not about digital marketing). PSFK is like Willy Wonka marketing. Amazing case studies and super interesting experiments from around the world. I find a TON of my Youtility examples for keynote speeches from PSFK.


My preferred tech news, geek, gadget site. Not strictly digital marketing per se, but terrific at keeping me up on broader tech and social media issues.

Real-Time Daily

From MediaPost, a blog and daily email about RTM and real-time, programmatic media buying. Most of this one isn't super relevant to me, but every once in a while there's a great nugget that I've never seen anywhere else.

Six Pixels of Separation

I'll never be as smart as Mitch Joel, or as prolific. Thoughtful brilliance flows on this blog like water from a tap. The wide topical array makes it such that not every post is for every reader, but stick with Mitch and you're guaranteed to receive something worth your attention on regular intervals.

Social Fresh

The name fits. Fresh content for social media and digital marketing professionals. I consistently learn stuff from this great blog. Heavy contributions from Nick Cicero (my co-host on the Social Pros podcast) are a differentiator.

Social Media Examiner

Outstanding tactical coverage of all things social media, from Mike Stelzner and his excellent team. Great virtual events too, including Social Media Success Summit (I'm the closing keynote)

Social Media Explorer

Founded by my pal Jason Falls, and now run by the inestimable Nichole Kelly, this is a thinking person's blog of social media and digital marketing issues.

Social Media & Marketing Daily

Another from MediaPost, this roundup includes a lot of big-brand coverage. Good source of case studies and guest for the Social Pros podcast.

Social Media Today

A powerhouse aggregator site that has more and more content written specifically for it, too. Noise-to-signal ratio can be a little high, but frequently you'll find interesting concepts and it's a very good source of fresh voices.

Spin Sucks

Outstanding blog for PR folks, with a side order of content marketing and social media. Led by rockstar Gini Dietrich, with help from a great cast of guest writers, including Jess Ostroff who is the Managing Editor of Convince & Convert, too. Incredibly active community too, similar to {Grow} and The Sales Lion.


Swayy is a personalized content discovery platform that helps you discover the content being shared by the people to whom you're connected on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This is the launch page of my browser.

The ExactTarget Blog

Led by my friend and collaborator Kyle Lacy (ExactTarget is a sponsor of Convince & Convert), this blog is super active, with many interesting angles. As you might expect, good coverage of the convergence between social and email marketing (which doesn't get covered enough by other blogs). Strong source for ebooks and longer-form content, too.

The Sales Lion

Truth from the heart from Marcus Sheridan, who is a friend, an enormously talented speaker, and a hell of a marketer. Marcus connects on a visceral, personal level in this blog. It reminds me of what I used to try to do on Convince & Convert when it was just me and a laptop, before we moved from "Jay's blog" to "digital marketing online magazine." If you don't read Marcus, you should.


Outstanding coverage of content marketing, search marketing, research, and interviews from Lee Odden and his team. Popular, and deservedly so.


Editor’s Note: This is a Greatest Hits post, which originally ran on the Convince & Convert blog last summer.

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