Boost Online Lead Gen With These 4 Secrets

If you’re reading this (or listening via the new Convince & Convert podcast) you’re probably either creating online forms, or are somehow trying to get people to fill them out.

Think about the impact forms have on our jobs as marketers, on our businesses, on our success and failures. They are indispensable. But yet we don’t spend much time talking about them, and how to improve their effectiveness.

I teamed up with my friends at Formstack (a great sponsor of Convince & Convert) to help fix that information gap.

We recently partnered on a Webinar called “The State of Lead Gen in 2015: 4 Secrets to Boost Your Results”

The recorded video of the webinar is right here, and the slides are embedded. I’ll summarize the key points below.

Key Thoughts About Online Lead Gen

What you REALLY care about is actions, not eyeballs – slide 11

It is far less expensive to double your conversion rate than to double your traffic – slide 14

For every page on your website, you should know your top 3 preferential behaviors – slide 23

You must give people the opportunity for hard conversions and soft conversions (like email sign-up) – slide 26

Formstack’s Form Conversion Report research found that contests and event registration is the best way to entice a form completion – slide 29

4 Secrets to Boost Online Lead Gen

1. Experiment with form type – slide 32

2. Create a social media-friendly form – slide 34

3. Understand the times people are likely to convert – slide 38

4. Test, test, test (especially submit button) – slide 41

For more (way more) on improving forms and conversion rates, download Formstack’s Form Conversion Report for free.

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