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Head of Giant Media Agency Totally Misses the Point of the Web

Authors: Jay Baer
Posted Under: Digital Marketing

Paper Towels - Right for Digital Marketing?Media Daily News reporting from the Advertising Research Foundation conference in NYC says that Lee Doyle, CEO of Mediaedge:cia (who bill themselves as the world’s first global media planners) believes “low-interest” advertisers aren’t embracing the Web.

Why? Lee says it’s because consumers don’t use the Web to research paper towels or household goods….

Wow. So it would appear that the CEO of a global media buying company believes that people only go online to research considered purchase, and that despite the fact that Internet comprises 20% of media consumption, it’s only value is if soccer mom Google’s for “ultra-absorbent Bounty.”

How about packaged goods companies using behavioral targeting to identify moms and serve them up compelling ads for their brands? How about using Pointroll and other rich media to instant coupon? How about sponsoring podcasts aimed at moms?

Doyle also had the gumption to cite a lack of metrics beyond impressions and clicks as a drag on overall banner ad spending. His quote was “We need better measures of those things, so that we can look across different channels. Metrics need to be developed that more closely or “directly” align with “business results.”

Seriously? In comparison to TV, radio, outdoor and print (where Doyle and his brethren make their dough), banners are extraordinarily measurable. What’s the measurement secret sauce of a paper towel TV commercial? What crystal ball does he use to determine the “business results” of that inherently UNtrackable marketing tactic?

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