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Here Comes The Power of Everything

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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Jay Baer Blog PostOpa! Assuming its economy and elections haven’t caused a Lord of the Flies-ish de-evolution and a panicky mixture of togas, olives, feta, flames, antiquities, and riot gear, when you read this I will be in Greece.

(note: seems like reason prevailed over there, yea!)

It’s annual summer vacation time, and we’re in Greece and Spain (it’s the “we dubious about the Euro” tour) injecting the kids with some culture, and injecting me with some calm. While stuffing my belly full of lamb, Ouzo, and tapas, and celebrating American Independence Day in foreign lands, great machinations will be under way here at Convince & Convert.

The Power of Everything

I’ve recruited an all-star team of friends to pump you up with a daily thought starter every Monday through Thursday for the next three weeks (we’ll be running Social Pros and One Social Thing posts on Fridays and Saturdays, per usual).

The theme is POWER OF. I stole it from Jeff Rohrs, who used it as a binding agent for a series of mini presentations at last year’s ExactTarget Connections conference (see my contribution to that series in the video over there  >>>). This is such an interesting, yet fractured, time in marketing and business. There are so many ways to skin the cat, so many lessons to keep in mind. I wanted to try to document some of those in this series.

Each of our special guests have written a short, Godin-style post about the Power Of (something). It’s an amazing collection. I might need to make an ebook out of them when I get back. Here’s the lineup:

Jeff Rohrs of ExactTargetThe Power of Brand – June 25

Ann Handley of MarketingProfsThe Power of Storytelling – June 25

Marcus Sheridan of The Sales LionThe Power of Information – June 26

Eric Boggs of Argyle SocialThe Power of Listening – June 27

Amber Naslund of SideraWorksThe Power of Culture – June 28

Tom Webster of Edison ResearchThe Power of a Question – July 2

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing InstituteThe Power of Content Strategy – July 3

Gina Rau of janrainThe Power of Data – July 4

Tim Hayden of Edelman DigitalThe Power of Mobile – July 5

Mark W. Schaefer of GrowThe Power of Influence – July 9

Jason Falls of Social Media ExplorerThe Power of Authenticity – July 10

Scott Stratten of UnMarketingThe Power of Awesome – July 11


Terrific, right?! Many, many, many thanks to all for their contributions. It was very kind of them to take time out of a busy schedule to put something together for this series. Loyal readers, please support these folks with your shares and your clicks.

See you soon, tan and relaxed!

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