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How AT&T is Tapping into New Consumer Tech Markets

Authors: Gabrielle Hughes Gabrielle Hughes
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This Week in Realtime Media

AT&T Aims for TV Everywhere

After acquiring DirectTV last summer, 2016 has been quite a big year for AT&T. Along with announcing three new streaming options (DIRECTV Now, DIRECTV Preview and DIRECTV Mobile) that each costs less than a traditional satellite package, the telecommunications provider has just acquired another company that will allow for “TV everywhere.”

Mentions of AT&T spiked early Morning, as news broke of the company purchasing video streaming platform Quickplay Media:

This move was done in part to help customers stream their upcoming DIRECTV services to smartphone devices, while retaining Quickplay’s 350 employees. As news of the acquisition started to spread, “streaming” gradually became the center of all AT&T talk on Monday and Tuesday:

Top business and tech media outlets caught wind of the news as well, with publications like TechCrunch, the National Post, and MarketWatch all releasing their own stories around the acquisition:

While AT&T is renowned for traditional telecommunication services, new ventures into contemporary consumer technologies are what makes the most headlines for the company today. Still, it will be new-age tech audiences that determine whether this represents a competitive advantage or good measure by AT&T to avert market disruption.

Bette Midler Overtakes Trump (On Social)

As reported in The Washington Post, Monday was a rare day in the race for president.

For the last year, no one has received more 2016 election attention than Donald Trump. However, everything changed earlier this week, when Bette Midler chimed in with a tweet comparing the presumptive GOP nominee to hip-hop artist Azealia Banks

Ms. Midler’s tweet was retweeted more than 38,500 times, and perhaps seen by nearly 53 million people worldwide:

However, the tweet did not completely steal the show from Trump. The likely Republican presidential nominee still maintained the most popular tweets within his own discussion:

At the end of the day, Bette’s tweet may have steered some of the election discourse in her direction, but it ultimately added fuel to Trump’s (already burning) social media firestorm.

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