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6 New Rules for Landing Page Success

Authors: Laura Collins Laura Collins
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6 New Rules for Landing Page Success

It’s no secret small businesses often have limited marketing budgets, which means their funds—as well as their time and other resources—have to be allocated judiciously. Email marketing campaigns and paid ads are often two of the most commonly used marketing initiatives by this group, since they tend to yield great returns.

But if you’ve invested in either of these approaches and haven’t seen the type of response you hoped for, you might be missing something of great importance: effective landing pages. Read on for a look at how one company drastically changed its campaign conversion rates once they revamped their landing pages, and how you can borrow some of their tactics to do the same.

Is Something Better Than Nothing?

Few companies are as strapped for time as small businesses, so it makes sense that seemingly minor moving parts can slip through the cracks. This begs the question: Is it better to have no landing page for your marketing campaign than a poorly constructed one? Or is it best to still put up a landing page, even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to building it?

Well, given that landing pages are crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns, it’s better to have one. But you no longer have to sacrifice quality due to time and budgetary constraints, thankfully. There are new methods of creating high-quality landing pages that won’t eat up all your time while allowing you to treat them as a high priority.

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Out with the Old

Master Oil Painting is a small business that needed a better way to capture more leads and increase conversions. They had tried landing pages for various campaigns in the past, but their average conversion rate was stuck at 4.4 percent. They found the setup process to be tedious, and they weren’t confident that their effort was generating any ROI.

The folks at Master Oil Painting knew they needed a solution that could help them create more professional-looking landing pages in minutes, with features that could enhance their customer experience and provide better results. Master Oil Painting began searching for a way to gain more leads, better capture their data, and ultimately enjoy higher conversion rates. They knew they needed to move on from their prior approach to landing pages.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Once Master Oil Painting implemented Infusionsoft’s new Landing Pages feature, the company quickly and effectively learned the important components of a landing page—which they had largely been missing before. They put into practice what they had learned within the seamless system and immediately saw their conversion rates leap to 11.5 percent (more than doubling from their previous rate). Not only that, but their email click rates nearly doubled, and they saw their monthly sales figures rise to the highest numbers they’d seen since launching the business two years prior. Master Oil Painting had hit upon a discovery of what works within landing pages, and what tends to fall flat.

The Nuts and Bolts of Landing Page Success

Whether you use Infusionsoft’s new Landing Pages or another system to create your landing pages, there are six key aspects to keep in mind to get the most conversions.

1. Ease and Time

As mentioned above, you can’t spend inordinate amounts of time agonizing over what verbiage or designs to use in your landing pages. Look for templates that already include placeholders for the information your customers expect to find and allow you to move things around in a drag-and-drop fashion. This will save you a good deal of time, and keep the whole page looking polished and professional.

2. Aesthetics and Experience

Along the same lines, your landing pages need to be eye-catching in order to keep a prospect’s attention. Make sure you’re using responsive landing pages, so visitors can have a smooth experience no matter what device they use. Include royalty free images and test your landing pages to be sure they have fast load times. After all, your prospects are likely to have their attention drawn elsewhere if they have to wait for a page to load.

3. Compelling Call-to-Action

Your landing page needs to have a call-to-action button that draws your visitor in. For example, invite your visitor to request a free consultation or download a useful ebook. They’ll need to receive something valuable in exchange for handing over their information, so you want to make this part of the deal as enticing as possible.

4. Form Fields and Data Collection

The main point of putting together landing pages is to capture important customer data and have a way to follow up with hot leads. Double check that your landing pages include web forms that ask for first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, or other information that you want to use. These insights can help you with relationship building later, as well as serving customers’ needs when they need it most.

5. Integration and Support

If you’re using a landing page builder, make sure it synchronizes with your CRM or marketing software. Master Oil Painting, for example, used Infusionsoft for its sales and marketing software, so it was a breeze for them to have their Infusionsoft Landing Pages sync with Infusionsoft’s custom fields. This makes follow-up and data consolidation a whole lot easier.

6. Customization

Finally, consider the possibilities you have with custom domains and messaging. Tailor-made domains can help boost your SEO rankings, and personalized messaging can make all the difference in whether you convert prospects or not. Your landing page should have both.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results I’ve seen since switching to Infusionsoft landing pages. Every conversion rate I track has improved since the switch, some more than doubling what they were previous,” said Bill Inman, owner of Master Oil Painting.  “And even more important is the time it’s saved me, which has left hours more each month for me to focus on site improvement, marketing expansion, and increased time availability with our customers. Infusionsoft Landing Pages integrated with other Infusionsoft tools has saved us time, money, and made the overall experience better for my team—and even more importantly, our customers.”

If you’re already spending your hard-earned revenue (and time) on email marketing campaigns or paid media, make sure you’re spending equal attention on designing an effective landing page too. You can get a boost in conversions (and ease of use) just like Master Oil Painting did if you focus on the points above. Here’s to flawless landing pages and excited prospects who convert into customers in short order.

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