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4 Invincible Ways Mobile Apps Fuel Business Growth

Authors: Juned Ahmed Juned Ahmed
Posted Under: Digital Marketing
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4 Invincible Ways Mobile Apps Fuel Business Growth

Mobile apps opened vistas of opportunities for small businesses. Today, from customer relationship management to documenting expenses to facilitating payments, mobile apps are playing an increasingly significant role in fueling business growth.

The much-hyped digital revolution impacted businesses more through smartphone apps than any other avenue. Most importantly, these apps completely changed the way customers interact with businesses and brands. If paving the way for more rigorous customer engagement is one direct implication of business apps, then the other is enhanced employee engagement and collaboration in workplaces.

Thanks to smartphones and their ever-growing range of apps these days, customers expect everything to be at their fingertips. Online companies and brick-and-mortar shops alike need these tools for connecting people to improve their bottom line and business revenue.

If you still consider these new digital strategies preposterous, you are bound to experience a slide in customer engagement and growth. If staying up on trends doesn’t motivate you, then expanding your market and increasing revenue should.

Another big impetus for most businesses is the steadily decreasing cost of building a mobile app. Building a feature-rich app is pretty affordable now compared to what it was just a few years ago. This happened largely due to expanding customer reach, increasing interest in business apps, and consumer interest in mobile shopping and other facets of mobile transaction.

Now, with a dedicated mobile app representing your business, you can keep your business on the top of their mind. Here are some of the most important ways mobile apps can fuel business growth.

1. Reaching Customers Far and Wide

How many startups, in just a decade, became formidable global names? There are practically too many for a quick count. A considerable portion of these small businesses took advantage of the mobile revolution by offering handy apps to their customers for a better experience with shopping and transactions.

From offering local delicacies to a global audience to better “value for money service” to customers of faraway countries, mobile apps can play a pivotal role in reaching more customers across locations and countries. Thanks to mobile apps, you no longer need to cater only local buyers. You can build an even better brand presence in faraway places without the need to be concerned over local competition.

Geo-location technologies like Geofencing, beacon, etc., paved the way for location-based marketing and made it possible for marketers to engage customers contextually. And when it’s time to expand your customer base, you no longer need to hunt in the dark. App analytics will guide you toward finding your target users.

With a mobile app presence, you can keep constantly in touch with users on move. Mobile presence makes your store readily available all the time at your audience’s fingertips.

2. Creating Brand Awareness and Boosting Traffic

A brand creates a lasting impression by staying in front of a customer’s eyes. Visibility is a major component of branding, and mobile presence can play a significant role in this.

A popular mobile app can garner higher visibility than other digital avenues, because it continuously displays on the mobile screen. Thanks to your app, your company’s logo will always be displayed on your customers’ devices.

Secondly, mobile apps can boost your website traffic to a great extent. When it comes to digital marketing and traffic boosting, mobile presence (along with social media and SEO) is invincible.

Lastly, a fluid and user-friendly experience helps create a lasting impression and a good reputation for your business and brand. Customer and peer reviews help garner opinions and news about the brand and create great brand consciousness.

3. Engaging Customers and Creating Loyal Users

Garnering organic traffic for your mobile website often seems like a grueling task that takes continuous involvement and considerable time. However, an app does not depend upon chance traffic. It is downloaded and installed by the users consciously, and if found helpful, it will attract steady attention and create loyal customers.

A mobile app with a great user experience stands, undoubtedly, ahead of all other digital strategies. It is a native experience offering anywhere, anytime accessibility. With optimized device features, mobile apps can now make user experience more enjoyable. Mobile payment technologies offered across platforms make transactions convenient and full of fun. Geo-location technologies facilitate contextual marketing and location-based messaging, leveraging more business opportunities.

4. Gathering Insights on Users and Better Workplace Collaboration

Thanks to the widespread adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, real-time collaboration among employees, partners, and customers has become much easier. Moreover, an array of device-specific sensors in mobile devices has made it easier to gather accurate user data based on demographics, location, preference, buying habits, and other user-specific insights. Greater workplace collaboration, real-time user feedback, and diverse insights into user responses have helped make the science of marketing even more objectively driven.

Mobile apps and mobile websites now represent the most popular digital space with the highest customer engagement. A large portion of digital time is spent on mobile apps, and this offers a huge opportunity for any business to tap new customers and niche markets. As opportunities increase, business apps must offer a unique user experience to create a lasting impression.

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