Recommended Marketing Podcasts: Week of November 20

Recommended Marketing Podcasts Week of November 20

Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself. Whether you’re on the train, in the car, at your desk, or anywhere in between, this medium is an incredible vehicle for supplementing your industry knowledge. Every week, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best marketing podcast episodes around, spanning the whole marketing landscape.

Whether you’re new to podcasts or you’re a seasoned listener, I know you’ll find value in each weekly round-up. Let’s get listening, shall we?

The Marketing Companion PodcastThe Marketing Companion: The Future of Humor in Marketing with The Marketoonist

This is the third time I’ve featured this podcast in seven editions of this column. I’ll say it: The Marketing Companion is one of the best marketing podcasts around.

Over the last few months, hosts and keynote speakers Tom Webster and Mark Schaefer have been churning out hit after hit. This 30-minute, bi-weekly show is consistently so great. These two gentlemen are at the top of their game, and we’re the lucky beneficiaries.

In this episode, Mark and Tom take the laughs up to 11 as they discuss the role humor plays in marketing with one of the smartest and funniest marketing folks around: Tom Fishburne, a.k.a. The Marketoonist.

Takeaway: According to Mark, this is his all-time favorite show, and there’s darn good reason for it. The opening of the show features a terrific Dracula impersonation from “announcer” Scott Monty. Tom Webster sings show tunes about their sponsors. While it’s a hilarious episode in its own right, Tom Fishburne shares some awesome insights into how brands can bring the funny in their messaging. (Spoiler alert: It takes a lot of time, trial, and error.) The bulk of the marketing talk begins at the 14:15 mark, though I highly recommend the entire show.

Finding the 'funny' in your brand messaging takes time, trial, and error. Click To Tweet

Six Pixels of SeparationSix Pixels of Separation #592: Exactly What To Say With Phil Jones

Six Pixels host Mitch Joel has conducted nearly 600 interviews over the last 11 years, and this might be one of the best he’s ever brought to his listeners. In this episode, Mitch talks with international speaker, sales coach, and author Phil Jones about the power of words. It might sound a bit silly, but Phil’s bringing serious knowledge and tangible examples to boot.

Takeaways: Exactly What To Say is all about framing, which is very similar to the subject of another excellent book called Pitch Anything. One example of framing Phil uses is the typical sequence of events that occurs at the end of a business meeting. In order to generate better questions and feedback after a presentation, Phil suggests we stop asking, “Are there any questions?” The more effective question, he says, is, “So what questions do you have?”

These subtle changes that make all the difference and place the power in your audience’s hands, making them feel empowered. As Mitch points out, “The subtitle of the book is, ‘The magic words for influence and impact,’ and it delivers.” It’s a fascinating conversation that I will be listening to again and again.

Shareable PodcastShareable S2 E17: Jennifer Iannolo | No One is Coming…So Let’s Get Empowered

One of the cool things Shareable has done this season has been to introduce theme weeks. They’ve already had Sales Week and CRM Week, and they just wrapped up Public Speaking Week. Each of these episodes provides superb insights into these worlds from some of the best in the biz. For Public Speaking Week, I wanted to focus on the episode that co-host Jeff Gibbard sent over to me. It features Jennifer Iannolo, keynote speaker and founder of the Concordia Project.

Takeaways: “Empowerment is not this gift,” Jennifer shares around the 23:25 mark. “If I can give you empowerment, I can also take it away.” I think this is a very powerful statement, especially coming from someone who has built a career out of choosing herself.

Outside of establishing what empowerment actually is, Jennifer walks us through how to ignite empowerment in our employees. Along with co-hosts Jeff and Caroline Tesone, Jennifer digs into the differences ways men and women approach empowerment and where those differences originate. The conversation paints a fuller picture of what motivates us in the workplace and how we can grant each other the abilities to get things done.

That’s all for this edition! I’ll be back with a new batch next week. In the meantime, share any podcasts you think I should know about with me @jwsteiert on Twitter or in the comments below!

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