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Reduce Your Bounce Rate with Personalized Audio Guidance

Authors: Ohad Rozen Ohad Rozen
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Reduce Your Bounce Rate with Personalized Audio Guidance

Your website’s bounce rate is one metric you definitely don’t want to mess with. This can be the death of your site. Not only does a poor bounce rate mean your marketing efforts aren’t working and people aren’t actually entering your site, but it can also lead to lower rankings when it comes to SEO.

It is the fate of the web, as Neil Patel says, that there will be some bounce in your website. However, it’s not the same for every site, and bounce rates may vary widely, but we can all agree that a high bounce rate is still never a good thing.

Here, I want to explain specifically how you can use personalized audio guidance to reduce your bounce rate.

Why Audio?

Why audio, you ask? Good question. Many marketers are aware of the drastic effect of video content on conversion rates, but audio seems to remain a lesser-known secret. Here are the reasons audio works:

It’s unexpected. Audio has the potential to capture your user’s attention by surprising them with something unexpected. A human voice is something very relatable and personal to us. When a user hears this coming from a website, it automatically demands their attention.

It speaks (literally) to your audience. By providing informative dialogue in a very easy to understand and personal way, your customers are left with no question about what exactly your site offers and how they can interact.

It increases trustworthiness. Voices that are employed in audio content on your site are trained to use the right amount of emotion and diction to provide a powerful experience for the users. A calming and trustworthy voice can go a long way in building a personality for your site.

User Experience

What’s the difference between a page that gets its users deep into the page and a site whose users simply leave after the first click? The user experience. The usability and comprehensibility of your site will greatly affect your bounce rate. While many of these UX factors are easily optimized through the design of your website, sometimes users need an extra push to help them.

Personalized audio guidance provides a walkthrough of your website to make the user’s experience more intuitive . While some websites have very simple navigation and few things that require extra explaining, others need some more substantial guidance to ensure the user understands and doesn’t get fed up and leave.

This is especially important in today’s world where users have come to expect a certain level of personalized content catered to their specific needs, when and where they want it.

Your “users” that I keep referring to are actually real people—they have names, desires, and beliefs. Today, we have the capability to retrieve this data—their site behavior, personal parameters, and on-page parameters—and utilize it.

How to Incorporate Audio

It’s all fair and well to know why, but the question is, “How do I get audio onto my site?” An audio editor tool can go a long way towards assisting your website and helping you add a podcast or mp3. There is a selection of powerful online audio tools available to help you get started with your audio production or editing, even if you just want to quickly trim an audio clip.

The first step is to record the audio. Audacity allows you to record live audio from your desktop, convert old tapes or records, or edit various formats. If you have the file already, and you just need to convert your audio, there are two great tools online: YouConvertIt and For the audio conversion tools, you have the option to set the bitrate, frequency, channels, and normalize and trim your audio clips. The last step, if required, is a visual audio trimmer to quickly edit your mp3 files. Mp3 cut makes it easy to select the in and out points and preview the edited clip.

Test and Optimize

Finally, as with any additions to your website, it’s important that you continuously test and optimize your personalized audio guidance to see what’s working best for your particular audience. A/B testing allows you to hone in on specific segments of your audience to see which specific groups within your target market react most positively to your walkthrough.

Since it is personalized audio guidance, come up with different voiceovers for different audience segmentations. For instance, through testing you may find that your male target audience is more receptive to the female voice or vice versa. These are important details that you can only reveal through continually testing and optimizing.

While your website’s bounce rate is definitely a tough cookie to crack, and many people will take the lazy approach toward acceptance of their lousy bounce rate, there are ways you can take it down. Audio guidance is one method that has been proven to decrease bounce rates and improve conversion rates on your site, but there’s a plethora of other mechanisms out there.

What it comes down to is testing which methods work best for your website and your particular target market.

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