Why Smarter Marketing Strategy Is Better Strategy

Why Smarter Marketing Strategy Is Better Strategy

Once upon a time, simply having a social media strategy was considered a win. In the early days of social media, B2B tech marketing teams kicked off Facebook and Twitter campaigns and patted each other on the back as the likes and followers came rolling in. Fast forward a decade. Now that 86 percent of the Fortune 500 are active on Twitter, marketing leaders are craftier with more evolved strategies. Or are they?

Throwing more time and more money at the effort to create more posts and gain more likes does not constitute a strategy. Is it even producing the most meaningful metrics and results for your company?

News flash: Smarter strategy is better strategy.

It’s time to let go of old school social media practices, where likes and follows meant winning. Click To Tweet

A New Way to Think About Marketing Strategy

With a massive population of influencers and decision makers on social media, you want to be sure your team is actively segmenting and targeting the right groups. While as much as 80 percent of your audience will read your content title, only 20 percent or so will read your content.

Is your activity grabbing their attention and driving engagement? Are you giving them graphics and videos that are educational and shareable? Today’s marketers must meet customers where they are and be in tune with their preferences. It’s time to let go of old school social media practices, where likes and follows meant winning.

Time spent on social media campaigns is only valuable if you’re ensuring the campaign connects with relevant decision makers and then educates them and inspires them to share the content. Ultimately, this is what uncovers high-quality leads and accelerates the sales process.

Check out these stats and tips to level up your social strategy now.

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