The Power of Information

They say we’re in the Information Age, and from the looks of it, they’re right.

We live in a time of immediate answers. If you have a question, you get it, right then and there.

 And if you don’t get it, you keep looking, because that’s what you (and the rest of us) have now been trained to do.

It’s for this reason that businesses can no longer be the ostrich with their head in the sand when it comes to information, consumer questions, and transparent marketing.

 We’ve got to be real. We’ve got to be open. And we’ve got to give the consumer what he or she is looking for.

The choice is rather simple really– We can have the conversation on our digital platforms (webpage, fan page, etc.) or we can invite them to go to one of our competitors and have the conversation instead.

So the question is, which do you choose?

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