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5 New Tips to Convert on Long Tail Search Queries

Authors: Zach Kasperski Zach Kasperski
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5 New Tips to Convert on Long Tail Search Queries
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Today’s Internet users are looking for something specific using long tail search queries: deals on Samsung 46 inch LCD 1080p TVs, new high heels in style for spring 2016, best suit to buy for summer wedding in South, and safest new 2016 sedan for family of five.

If you haven’t yet refined your brand’s search marketing strategy, you might as well be the coffee shop that shuts down on a Monday morning in the depths of winter.

Turns out, about 90 percent of search queries are in the form of long tail keywords.  These longer, more targeted search queries make today’s approach to search marketing strategy increasingly sophisticated. As a result, brands must evolve to a convergence model spanning advanced keyword research concepts, content development, social media, public relations, UX and design, and technical website optimization.

Are you doing what it takes to convince and convert on long tail search queries? These five tips, from Elasticity’s newest e-book The New Long Tail of Search Marketing Strategy, should help point you in the right direction.

Conceptual Understanding

Step back, and take a moment to understand how long tail search marketing ties into lead generation. It makes consumers more aware and knowledgeable of the products and services you offer, in hopes of making them consider and select you over the competition. This form of lead gen can help your brand capitalize fully on the opportunities found in search marketing.

Identifying User Intent

Search marketers help search engines tie queries to products or services, directly or indirectly. Before you start keyword research or any other foundational search marketing efforts, you should understand the mechanisms behind how people search. Browsers are in information-gathering mode; their searches are closer to the head and not very specific. Shoppers have identified a need and are in the consideration phase of the customer lifecycle; they’re weighing their options between you and competitors. Buyers are looking for specific products or services that seem to fit their needs; they’re spending more time on specific websites and less time in the search results.

Advanced Keyword Research Concepts

Two advanced keyword research concepts can help you target the long tail: the visitor intention model and the brand ladder.

The visitor intention model is heavily based on search query and the likelihood of it leading to a purchase. Visitor intention is grouped into three main categories: browsers, shoppers, and buyers. Browsers are closer to the demand curve, while buyer queries are much closer to a purchase. It may be helpful to research keywords based on visitor intention and organize accordingly.

The brand ladder allows you to improve the performance of both branded and non-branded keywords by branching out into keywords depending on the occasion (itchy eyes), problem (seasonal allergies), product (eye drops), or brand (Visine A.C.). Start with your branded keywords, and try expanding into the lower part of the ladder to explore non-branded queries.

Higher Relevancy, More Conversions

As queries progress from informational to transactional, they often become more relevant and less competitive, which ultimately leads to higher conversions for your product or service. For instance, the search query “Nike shoes” has unclear user intent; they could be looking for the history of the shoe or details on how they’re made. However, “Nike Hyperdunk Low 2015 iDs” has clearer user intent with a greater chance of selling a shoe. Bottom line: The more relevant the query, the better chance you’ll have selling your product.

Convergence Imperative

Now more than ever, search marketing is converging on multiple disciplines critical to success. Brands that focus on users, avoid manipulation, and create great content will be better suited for targeting long tail search queries. The convergence imperative considers the technical underpinnings of a website, great content development, social media integration, and public relations into overall strategy.

Don’t be that coffee shop that shuts down on a Monday morning in the depths of winter. Dive into fresh ideas for long-tail search marketing strategies. They will help you use search smarter, and convince and convert more customers that are raising their hands right now.

For more from The New Long Tail of Search Marketing Strategy, download it for free on the Elasticity website.

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