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How to Match the Perfect Travel Influencers to Your Brand

Authors: Kristen Matthews Kristen Matthews
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Let’s say your product is ideal for travel—hiking boots, maybe, or one of those folding toothbrushes, a pair of awesome hiking pants, or the most durable suitcase in the world. You want everyone to see it in action, watch it hit the road, and get honest and genuine feedback from the influencers using and showcasing it.

In short, you need travel influencers. Who better to tell your brand’s story than an influential traveling power couple who can write, take great photos, and showcase that toothbrush to thousands of followers that have grown to trust them? Good news: These people do exist.

Travel Bloggers With Lots to Share

Meet Hannah and Adam from, two thirty-somethings that busted out of the corporate world and decided to travel the globe, all while writing about and photographing everything they see, do, and use. Over 100,000 people see where they go, what they pack, and how they use it every day.

If you’re a smart marketer, you’re probably craving a chance to showcase your brand in such an authentic and organic experience. We recently talked to Adam of Getting Stamped, and he told us exactly how to do it.


Choosing Products for Authentic Fit

As with all types of influencer marketing, being authentic and complementary to your brand are key components. If it isn’t something your audience would use, forget it. Unless a blogger is a true brand fan, it’s not a post that would do your brand any good, anyways. Always use authentic brand fits as your first filter when vetting.

Adam says, “Brand and blog mismatches are one of the biggest causes of failure with influencer campaigns. Many bloggers don’t see the downsides and take the projects anyways. This can cause blogs to lose credibility and brands to waste marketing dollars. It’s a lose/lose.”

In short, don’t stretch. The blogger will feel uncomfortable trying to include the product, and the audience will sniff that out. If another influencer can better integrate your product into their lifestyle, it’s a better choice—even if they have fewer followers!

Following that train of thought, it makes sense to have, say, your new toothbrush in a list of must-haves, rather than an individual review. Featuring one item on its own can seem a bit forced. If you include it in a list, or a kit of travel essentials, it has context, and its utility is much more obvious—and it will almost certainly get more clicks. If you want interactive feedback and engagement with the consumer, it’s sometimes best to be a part of one of these lists.

Adam explains it like this: “We always try to give some real inspiration on why someone would want or need a product by talking about it in context or wearing/using it in some great photos.”

The Power of Relationship Building

Really getting to know the influencers is one of the more overlooked aspects of this type of marketing. Notice on their blog that they’re heading to the Maldives? Maybe hold off on shipping them the flannel shirts, and send the bikinis instead; it’s much more likely to be appreciated and, most importantly, used and reviewed.

Likewise, thinking through their travel plans and sending something versatile that is likely to be used every day would make that campaign that much more effective. One of Adam’s favorite campaigns did just that.

“If I had to pick just one memorable successful project, it would probably be the ‘7-day Stretch‘ Campaign with PrAna. We had to wear their pants for seven days and take Instagram pictures and share our experience. We took the pants on a road trip full of hiking and outdoor activities that paired well with the brand and our style. It felt natural and unforced, and we got plenty of great shots and a bunch of comments on the clothing in the pictures and posts.”



Don’t ever underestimate the value of creativity in the campaigns you set up and the way you engage your influencers on a community level. Ask your influencers questions, and get a feel for what they like and need. The return on this simple investment of time and effort can be incredible.

The travel lifestyle has a lot to offer influencer marketing: exotic locales, gorgeous settings, and the unique opportunity to showcase your product as indispensable. In the hands of folks like Hannah and Adam, your single piece of gear becomes essential in the eyes of thousands. Check out their site at, and who knows? Maybe your brand’s folding toothbrush is all they need.

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