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Are You Proving Your Point?

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When you go above and beyond in customer service, show your work—customers will trust you more for it.

Hey, it’s Jay Baer live from Santa Fe, New Mexico accompanied today by the lovely and talented Jess Ostroff, Christin Kardos, the whole Convince and Convert team is out here in Santa Fe for our annual strategic planning retreat, all kinds of artifacts and culture and churches and galleries and we’re in a really cool hotel called La Fonda. It’s right on the square, historic hotel, been here for hundreds of years or some such. But they have a very modern approach to customer service.
So, I stay in like literally a couple hundred hotels a year, so I’ve spent some time in hotels in my life and I never ever, ever, ever until this day have found this.
What is this?
This is the television remote control for my room. In all the rooms here at La Fonda, they take the television remotes and the telephone handsets and after the housekeeping crew comes, they wrap them up in these nice little towelettes so that you know they have been cleaned.
Now, I think anybody who travels knows and certainly every hotel knows that the party line is that the hotel remote and the phone handset is the dirtiest, yuckiest, grossest, most germ-infested thing in any hotel. La Fonda knows that the customers are thinking that. Most hotels, I suspect, God I hope, actually do clean the remotes and do clean the handsets, but what these guys do is they actually prove it.
How simple is this? This takes two seconds and this probably cost a penny, I don’t know, maybe not even that much, but this simple, tiny gesture makes me know. You guys, it wasn’t just my room, everybody had them, right? So, it makes everybody know that it actually happened.
That’s what’s so key. A lot of times, you’re doing great things in your business. You’re going above and beyond. You’re treating your customers really well. You’ve got something that your competition doesn’t have, but the problem is, unless you show your work, unless you prove it, it’s invisible. Right, one of the things we say on the internet all the time is, “Pics or it didn’t happen.” One of the things your middle school, ya know, algebra teacher told you was show your work. The same thing is true in business. If you’re doing something special, you have to make sure that your customers know it and sometimes it’s something as simple as wrapping your remote control.
Today’s question, you guys are gonna help me look at these and it’s gonna be amazing. Today’s question on Jay Today, in the comments below here, tell us, not just me, but these two lovelies as well, what’s the yuckiest thing that ever happened to you in a hotel? Now let’s keep this above board, right? This is a family show, but I’m really interested to know, what’s the yuckiest thing that’s every happened to you at a hotel and maybe we can find a way to make sure that they show their work in a positive way.
As always, go to for archives on all the episodes and thanks, as always, to my friends at Emma. Do email better, go to See ya soon. Bye!

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