Can You Build Trust Before the Transaction

Think about ways to start building customer trust in that all-important point between when somebody raises their hand and when they actually transact with you.

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What if you found a way to build extreme trust before you ever interacted with a customer?

I was speaking recently in Boston at an event for Straumann, where the audience was a group of very successful oral surgeons. After my talk, one of the attendees came up to me afterwards. His name is Dr. Glenn Gorab, and he lives in Clifton, New Jersey. He has an amazing program that builds extraordinary trust with his patients before he ever sees them.

Here’s how it works. Every Friday his office gives him a call sheet of all the patients who are coming in the following week who are brand new patients, have never seen him before, have never been to his practice ever. He calls those new patients on the weekends, when he’s driving or just kind of laying around the house watching football.

And the reaction is extraordinary.

He says, “Hey, this is Dr. Gorab. I understand you are coming in next week. We are delighted to have you as part of the practice. Do you have any questions about what we are going to do next week? Do you have any questions about me, about the practice, before you come in?”

It blows people’s minds.

Copy of  Copy of Add text (2)  (3) (14)They say, “I’ve never have a doctor do that,” because doctors never do that. It builds bonds and trust and kinship and referrals that make a real difference in Dr. Gorab’s practice. He says people come in all the time who are new patients and say, “Hey, I’m here because one of your previous patients told me that you are the doctor who called them before they ever even had an appointment.”

That is an amazing piece of marketing. It’s got me thinking about how can we build trust before the sale? How can we build trust before the transaction?  I suggest that you think about ways to start building that trust in that all-important point between when somebody raises their hand and when they actually transact with you.

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Brian Carter @briancarter

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