Please Stop Worshiping Originality

From the Jay Today video podcast: We massively overvalue originality and we massively undervalue execution. Being first doesn’t mean that you’re the best. Here’s what to do instead:

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Screenshot_7_17_14,_3_19_PM badge-jay-says Jay Today is my near-daily 3-minute video where I talk about social media, content marketing, business and life. JayToday is available on Youtube, iTunes (as a video podcast), and at The show is sponsored by Sprout Social (which I use for my social media), and Candidio (a great video editing service).

Here’s a Jay Today video where I talk about why it’s time to stop worshiping originality.

I’m still in New York City. I’m in another Breather space. If you’re in New York or San Francisco or Montreal and you need some peace and quiet, a place to do a meeting, get the Breather app, and you can hook that up. It’s basically uber for peace and quiet, a fantastic company founded by my friend Julien Smith. Yesterday I was in a different Breather space, and I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine who’s a corporate content marketer. He was talking about the fact that people in his company are really enamored with the concept of doing something new, of looking at what the competitors are doing, looking at what’s going on out there, and saying, “Hey, we need a fresh idea. We need a new idea. We need an idea that transcends people’s expectations about what content can be.”

I understand that thinking. I really do. I understand why people read case studies. I understand why people look at blogs and say, “We want to do something that will get people talking. We want to do something that our peers will say, ‘Wow isn’t that cool.'”

Copy of  Copy of Add text (2)  (3) (9)But from a business standpoint and from a results standpoint, we massively overvalue originality and we massively undervalue execution. Being first doesn’t mean that you’re the best. Being first doesn’t mean that it’s even effective. Being first just means that you tried something that somebody else talked about.

We talk about Steve Jobs all the time as this fantastic inventor and innovator, and he was certainly that. But you know what? He was also an incredible executor. Yeah, he invented the iPhone and the iPad. But they weren’t the first to even have a smartphone or a tablet. Apple was really much more of an execution plan: supply chain, manufacturing, retail, service. I think the most interesting thing about the Apple story in the last decade or decade and a half was the exclusive deal with AT&T. That had never been done before. That’s an execution play, not an originality play.

Quit worrying so much about being first, because first doesn’t mean best. (click to tweet)

All the time people ask me, “Hey Jay, what’s the hot new thing in social media? What’s the hot new thing in digital marketing?” You know what the hot new thing is?

The hot new thing should always be doing today’s things better. (click to tweet)

That’s the way you build a business. Quit overvaluing originality and undervaluing execution.

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