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Why You Need a Facebook Video Strategy Right Now

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Facebook has changed their algorithm AGAIN, this time to value time spent on posts. Video is the key to this rubric, says Jay Baer in this episode of Jay Today.

Facebook doesn’t just want to help you promote your website. Maybe they want to replace your website?
Facebook announced that they are making yet another change to the news feed algorithm. This time they have determined that if you spend a disproportionate amount of time on a particular Facebook post, even if you do not engage with that post, even if you do not like it, if you do not comment on it, if you do not share it, if you just spend time on it, so you stop scrolling and you watch, read, etc., if you’re reading the comments, etc., then they will give it extra love, and they will show it to more people in the news feed.

Now this is not a coincidence, because as you probably remember, Facebook is now encouraging publishers to produce and publish content directly on Facebook. That means not linking to a post on your page, your website, or your blog, but actually publishing directly on Facebook natively. The same thing is true, of course, of video. Facebook wants you to upload video on their platform, not link to it on Youtube or elsewhere.

Facebook is Using the Algorithm Hammer to Get Your Content

Facebook is using their own algorithm to even further incentivize marketers and businesspeople to publish on their platform natively. This is not an accident.
This makes be realize two thing:
1. Should you have a different publishing schedule and strategy for Facebook as opposed to what you’re doing on your own sites? I’m not sure yet.
2. Video is now even more important on Facebook. If you’re watching a video, you are probably spending more time on that than you do reading a regular post, meaning that video will get more credit based on this new tweak to the algorithm.
If you don’t have a Facebook video strategy, my friends, I think it’s time that you get one.

Sprout Social Shoutout

Mark SchaeferToday’s Sprout Social Shoutout is for my friend Mark Schaefer . His blog, {Grow} is one of the best in the land, and he first alerted me to this algorithm change over there. Also, his book “The Content Code” is a must-read.

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