11 Ways to Win with Virtual Events

Win with Virtual EventsIn these crazy days, live events and meetings are pretty much kaput for a while. This means that LOTS of organizations are exploring or expanding their use of webinars, virtual events, online summits, and related programming. These can be fantastically effective (and enjoyable) for producers and attendees. They can also be a very boring and unsuccessful slog.

We have led more than 100 webinars over the past few years, and our team at Convince & Convert produce lots and lots (and lots) of webinars and virtual summits for iconic brands all over the world. We’ve learned what works (and what sucks), so we put together this briefing for you on 11 ways to win with webinars and virtual events.

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There’s a lot more to it than we could include here, but it’s a good primer. If you have any questions at all, please let us know. We’d be happy to help. We also have three different virtual events optimization/production packages we can tell you about at some point, if you like. Here’s to your success. Stay well!

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