Debating the Future of Social Media Management

Join Mark W. Schaefer (whose {GROW} blog is a must-read) and me for a fireside chat about social media centralization vs. decentralization. While Mark and I agree about nearly everything, we have a difference of opinion on one particular topic: social media management and the role that social media will play within organizations. I contend that social media will one day be a component in everyone’s job no matter where they reside in an organization’s hierarchy, Mark notes that due to social media’s rapid evolution and innate complexities the practice is more niche-oriented.

We really want your feedback and ideas on these important issues, so sound off in the comments please.

Just some of the challenges we tackle in this conversation about social media management:

  • Is social media too complex for one person to handle?
  • Are companies better off having one or a few social media practitioners, or many?
  • What’s the role of third parties (including consultants) in social media management and strategy?
  • Is Chris Brogan crazy when he predicts social media consultants have just 2 years’ of relevancy remaining?

(thanks to the awesome folks at the Northern Kentucky chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America) for my T-shirt. Follow them at @PRSSA_NKU)

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