SlideShare is the digital marketing secret weapon – new research

Just 15% of social media marketers are using Slideshare.

85% of social media marketers are missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, released this week by Social Media Examiner found that usage of Slideshare increases steadily in lock step with the experience of the social media marketer.

slideshare secret weapon

In my estimation, the reason why more experienced social media marketers gravitate toward Slideshare is that they eventually recognize that social media is about actions, not eyeballs. The “reach” offered by the larger consumer-oriented platforms is seductive, but if only a tiny percentage of your fans are seeing your posts in those venues, is the reach really reliable?

Slideshare’s audience is bigger than you might think, is terrific for lead generation, and is populated by people actively seeking information and resources (not dissimilar from a search engine, in that regard).

And that audience is hungry for information. It’s not uncommon to generate significant views and downloads for Slideshare presentations, including 24,000+ and counting for my presentation on reliable reach:

(I was recently named one of the top 10 marketers to follow on Slideshare, by the Slideshare blog and there are a bunch of terrific people on that list if you want some inspiration)

Of course, Slideshare is more popular among B2B marketers than B2C, with 24% of the former, and 9% of the latter currently participating, according to the Social Media Examiner report. But this doesn’t HAVE to be the case. B2C brands can be very successful on Slideshare, especially since they’ve expanded their content types to be far broader than just presentation slides.

But yet, 56% of social media marketers have no plans to get involved in Slideshare. That’s okay. More opportunities for the rest of us.

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