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A Conversation, Not a Monologue – Digital Marketing for Colleges

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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I just finished giving a speech at the western region meeting of the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations in Sedona, Arizona. 

NCMPR is the association of community and technical college marketers. A really interesting group that needs to harness social media and work with prospective students on an individual, relevant, highly personal basis. 

While this presentation was specifically for NCMPR, there is a lot of material that will be valuable to anyone looking to launch and maintain a social media and digital marketing program for a mid-sized business or organization. 

Key points in this presentation:

– Media outlets have exploded, causing audience fragmentation

– You have to communicate to audiences individually, because they don’t herd together like the old days

– Using the power of audience segmentation

– Digital marketing is critical in this new hyper-targeted marketing world, because online users identify themselves through their search queries and site usage

– Ways to find prospective community college students (Twitter, Facebook, Blog search, Flickr)

– Web site is the key to translating awareness of your college (or any brand) to action

– Web content needs to be transparent, real, and multi-modal

– Lead acquisition is critical for colleges. Give users multiple call to action options. 

– Secrets to good form design

– Web site testing and optimization basics

– Lead nurturing via personalized follow up and triggered communications


Comments are very much appreciated. Enjoy. 


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