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A PSA From The TSA On Instagram: #TSACatch Shows Photos Of What Not To Pack

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
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badge-image-of-the-weekThink you can sneak that bejeweled lipstick taser past the TSA? Think again. The TSA is nearing its one year anniversary of using Instagram to educate travelers on what not to pack by featuring photos of real items confiscated from airports across the country.

TSA Instagram1 The account was created in June of 2013 and features a range of confiscated items, from guns, to grenades, drugs and martial arts weapons. There are also a number of seemingly everyday items confiscated that conceal knives such as keys, iPhone cases, credit cards and combs.

The goal of the account is to engage with travelers and use photos to reinforce items on the prohibited list. According to ABC News, the account is one of the many ways the TSA engages with the traveling public to provide timely information that assists them in traveling safely.

Each confiscated item is featured on the TSA’s Instagram and Twitter accounts with a dedicated hashtag, #TSACatch. The photos are shared with a caption that includes the airport they were confiscated, plus relevant tips or stats. In addition to the items confiscated, the TSA’s Instagram account shares photos and information about its TSA Pre✓™ program, the canines trained to respond to explosives, community events, and more.

Some of the tips shared include:

  • Please remember, all knives are prohibited from being carried onto the cabin of an aircraft.
  • All live grenades – or anything that resembles a grenade – are prohibited from both checked and carry-on luggage.
  • Unless you are a law enforcement officer that meets the requirements of Title 49 CFR § 1544.219, firearms are never permitted in the cabin of the plane.

The TSA also features a more detailed account of these items on its blog. There is also a notable weekly roundup that shares confiscated items of the week across the country.

To commemorate one year on Instagram, here are five of the more shocking things people have tried to unsuccessfully sneak past the TSA:

1) Lipstick Taser

TSA Instagram Lipstick Taser
2) An iPhone Case With a Few Hidden Surprises

TSA Instagram iPhone Knife Case
3) A Toy Made From An Inactive Grenade

TSA Instagram Toy Grenade
4) A Watch That Looks Like An Explosive Device

TSA Instagram Watch
5) A Six-Blade Throwing Star

TSA Instagram Throwing Star

Still unsure if your item is on the prohibited list? There’s an app for that. The My TSA Mobile App helps to answer those questions and more.

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