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5 April Fools’ Pranks So Fun They Should Be Real

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
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Ah, April Fools’ day.  The day where brands flex their creative muscles, all in the name of a good “gotcha.” While this year’s roundups presented quite a few entertaining jokes, some were so unique, they just might have a shot turning from prank to possible.

Google Maps Hides Pac-Man in Locations Around the World

Who doesn’t love a good game of Pac-Man? In a clever April Fool’s twist (that, it feels like, users would want to use forever), the team at Google Maps launched an interactive feature allowing mobile and desktop users to uncover hidden Pac-Man icons in locations around the world. Once an icon is uncovered, the user unlocks a version of Pac-Man set on the Google Map location. Hints can be viewed on Google Maps’ Support page, although the helpful folks at Mashable went in and made it easy for us. According to Google Maps, users should enjoy this feature while it lasts: “Eat the pac-dots fast, because this game will only be around for a little while.”

Google Maps PacMan

Tesco Takes the Grocery Shopping Experience to New Heights

Ever had trouble reaching the items on the top shelf in a grocery store? If Tesco’s April Fools’ Day tweet has anything to do with it, those troubles could become a thing of the past. The UK-based grocery store announced the arrival of “Bouncy Aisles,” from this Friday on. The appropriately named “Bouncy Aisles” describe a trampoline embedded in the shop floor, allowing customers to jump up and grab hard-to-reach items. Described on the company’s blog as “a leap forward in revolutionising the shopping experience,” the company is also looking for “beta-bouncers” to test the aisles.

According to Daisy O’Farllop, Director of Aisle Operations at Tesco, “Introducing bouncy aisles is both a practical and fun solution to help our customers reach products on the top shelves, as well as speed up their shopping trip.”

Sephora Hacks Your AM Make-Up Routine–Lazy Girl Style

Is your morning make-up routine taking unnecessary time away from more important pursuits, like sleep? Sephora’s got a hack for you. Called the “SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Hack,” it’s described by the company as “the ultimate in lazy girl beauty.” As described in a post on the company’s Instagram account, a simple four-step process is required, but it will only take about 10 minutes. However, the company cautions that in the testing phase, “85% reported their dogs trying to eat it.” Nobody said a flawless face in 10 minutes was without a few potential bumps in the road. Busy girls everywhere would rejoice if this slightly scary, yet effective make-up mask could become a reality.

Introducing the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Hack. The ultimate in lazy girl beauty, it’s a single-use sheet mask that applies makeup for you. In just 4 simple steps, you’ll feel refreshed with a new face! STEP 1⃣ START WITH A CLEAN FACE. This step is crucial! You’ll want a smooth canvas so the product goes on evenly. STEP 2⃣ UNWRAP YOUR MASK. And make sure you don’t leave it sitting on your sink! In a use test on 20 volunteers, 85% reported their dogs trying to eat it. STEP 3⃣ PLACE IT CAREFULLY. Let it sit for 10 minutes as you go about the rest of your morning routine as normal! Think of all the things you can do now that you’ve gotten this time back, like eating a well-balanced breakfast, reading your horoscope, or hiding behind the couch and startling your loved ones. STEP 4⃣ WORK YOUR LOOK. And don’t worry about touchups. This makeup is waterproof, smudge-proof, budge-proof, melt-proof…it’s basically permanent! You can only take it off with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Sheet Delete makeup remover (available online only). A photo posted by Sephora (@sephora) on

Giphy Revolutionizes “GIF Giving” With The GIFt Delivery Service

What if you could package up your favorite GIFs and mail them to your friends? Lucky for you, Giphy announced on April Fools Day that they were going to turn this concept into a reality. Launched with a dedicated Tumblr page and a hilarious video that plays on retro infomercials, the service is easy. Simply send your favorite animated GIF, and the Giphy team will box it and send it to you or a special friend IRL (in real life). Especially for those in search of the perfect gift that will surprise and delight someone, Giphy could really be onto something!

ASOS Introduces Clip-On Man Buns—For Hair!

Inspired by the likes of Jared Leto, Zayn Malik, and Shia LaBeouf, well-coiffed male trendsetters will rejoice with the April 1st launch of ASOS clip-on “Man Buns.” Not to be confused with other parts of the male anatomy, ASOS describes their new man buns an easy way to “get the look without the hassle or maintenance of growing long hair. Just add a bobby pin.” The company also notes that it is a “universally acknowledged fact that men with buns are not only more attractive but also more successful.” Maybe they’re onto something?

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