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Clowns, Charlatans, and Social Media Name Calling

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
Posted Under: Social Media
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There’s a lot of name-calling in social media right now, including Gary Vaynerchuk asserting that “99.5% of social media experts are clowns.” True, there are people out there (including many “name brand” social media consultants) that don’t have a lot of business expertise. This often results in companies getting too enthusiastic about social media per se, and not recognizing that social is a means to an end.

The goal is not to be good at social media, but to be good at business because of social media.

But don’t confuse myopia with thievery. Just because your marketing director or social media advisor can’t connect every dot in terms of how social supports your business objectives doesn’t mean they are without value or are out to deceive you. It just means that there are a variety of sophistication levels in the social media services business, the same way there are levels of sophistication in accounting, law, plumbing, auto repair, psychiatry, plastic surgery, tattoo application, and almost any other service.

Yet, an increasingly large portion of the cognoscenti chooses to spend time demonizing and denigrating the skills and backgrounds of others in the industry.


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