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The 3 Most Creative Emoji Social Media Campaigns

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
Posted Under: Social Media
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Ah, emojis. These small icons liven up our personal communications by expressing ideas or emotions, and they can do the same for your company’s social media content. From improving communications to raising money and even ordering pizza, here are three innovative examples of how companies are creatively leveraging emojis in their social media programs.


IKEA’s Emoticons App Promotes Love and Understanding At Home

Need to express yourself more freely at home? Look no further than IKEA’s Emoticons app. Developed by IKEA, the app encourages customers to use emojis in a fun way to improve communication at home. As noted by IKEA, “It’s simply impossible to feel offended if you tell some one to clean up if you say it with IKEA Emoticons.”

Upon installing the keyboard on an iPhone or Android, customers can use personalized emojis developed by IKEA to add to their household communications.

IKEA Emojis

World Wildlife Fund Raises Money With #EndangeredEmojis

Emojis can do more than help us communicate—they can also raise awareness and funds for an important cause. In partnership with its agency, Wieden + Kennedy London, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) discovered that 17 of the animal emojis people frequently use are actually endangered animals. Inspired by this discovery, the WWF released 17 new variations of these animal emojis. Branded as #EndangeredEmoji, fans were then encouraged to sign up and donate 0.10 euros each time they use one of the emojis, billed on a monthly cadence.

Domino’s Encourages Fans to Tweet Orders with Pizza Emoji

In the future, the simple use of emojis could do more than help us communicate or express ourselves—they could also help us purchase goods and services. In a recent announcement, Domino’s confirmed that it would allow customers to tweet their pizza order, with the pizza emoji fair game. To participate, fans need to follow these handy step-by-step instructions. Dominos Emojis Bonus? By synching accounts, all of this activity is trackable and can lead to further engagement and targeting opportunities with passionate fans. Dominos’ tweet ordering launched on May 20, but the company has a variety of innovative ways for customers to order pizza.

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