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Gary Vaynerchuk – The Twitter 20 Interview About Wine, Social Media, and Crushing It

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Crush-It-a-Gary-Vaynerchuk-book.jpgGary Vaynerchuk wants to take over the world, one person at a time. From a youth spent watching professional wrestling and selling baseball cards, he’s converted his enthusiasm and savvy into a phenomenon. Using a daily Web video show (Wine Library TV) to communicate directly to consumers, Gary geometrically increased the size of his family’s wine and spirits store in New Jersey.

Realizing that he could help others with their business success, he began a personal branding and social media video podcast (, and is now a much in-demand keynote speaker and consultant.

A frequent guest on national TV programs, Gary’s first book in a 10 book series will be released on October 13. It’s called “Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion” Gary talked about the book, his success, and of course wine in this live Twitter interview on October 8.

book-header-trans-227x300Most of the questions for this interview were provided by readers of this blog. I asked 15 reader questions during the interview. Each will receive a free copy of Crush It! courtesy of Convince & Convert. (Question authors noted and linked below).

1. @jaybaer: What was the initial thought that sparked the idea to utilize social media to grow your business? (Ryan Barr)

  • @garyvee: I was watching my devs watch online video during lunch in early 05 and said “this is where it is all going” I need it!

2. @jaybaer: If you were living in a world without the Internet, how would you spread the word about your passion and your business? (Ward Andrews)

  • @garyvee: Old school, 1 by 1 …or maybe I would be on TV by now ;)…;) …. …. … did I mention 😉

3. @jaybaer: There are thousands of video bloggers in the world. What did you do differently that you feel made you stand out/succeed? (Tom Martin)

  • @garyvee: I didnt worry about lighting and sound or even content to some degree, I pumped it out & then spent all my time interacting

4. @jaybaer: How has your social media strategy changed since you first started Wine Library TV? (Andy Reierson)

  • @garyvee: I have become busier, but it hasn’t changed. More people just care to interact with me.

5. @jaybaer: What first steps would you suggest for businesses that want to use social media but aren’t sure where to start? (Mark Tosczak)

  • @garyvee: READ! You need to know what’s going on, and understand you are NO LONGER in control, it is about listening. So Google away.

6. @jaybaer: Some hesitate getting involved with social media due to fears they can’t measure it well. What would you say? (Jason Pinto)

  • @garyvee: Stay away then. More for me and my friends.

7. @jaybaer: How do you find enough hours in the day? Between WLTV, the book, store, speaking, and family, how do you find balance? (Justin Whitaker)

  • @garyvee: I don’t, I just hustle and care about the important things! Love family 1st and work hard and you win.

8. @jaybaer: Some say a good cheap Pinot Noir is impossible to find because of everything involved with the grapes…what do you think? (Brian Renner)

  • @garyvee: Go to Chile and you can find really good Pinot for $16 0r so, but yeah the grape makes it harder.

savchamp9. @jaybaer: If you could have any guest on your show, who would it be? (Tony V)

  • @garyvee: Randy the Macho Man Savage.

10. @jaybaer: When your first started building your family’s wine company, what were your greatest obstacles, & how did you overcome them? (David Spinks)

  • @garyvee: working with my Dad. We are different – I was #2 not a place I like 😉 It was hard but our love won out over $.

11. @jaybaer: Is there something you regret doing in the early stages of your bussiness, something you would’ve done differently? (David Rojas)

  • @garyvee: NO and I am not joking, I love the process so when I go for it, I do it! And am happy for it, good or bad.

12. @jaybaer: How do maintain full authenticity when there must be aspects of your business you don’t want to share with the world? (Paul Sheridan)

  • @garyvee: If someone asks something I don’t want to answer I tell them 🙂 Otherwise I just let it out.

13. @jaybaer: What is the hardest part about translating your personality to written form in your books? (Chris Conrey)

  • @garyvee: I can’t do it! I am not a good writer so it is hard, so I audio’d the whole book!

14. @jaybaer: Why are you using a publishing company for your book instead of showing off your social media skills by self-publishing? (Kristian Salvesen)

  • @garyvee: Great question, I got a big backend deal and thought the infrastructure they had and all the people was worth it.

15. @jaybaer: Is it possible to achieve anything in social media without using English as the main language? (Sotku)

  • @garyvee: Wow awesome question. I am not sure, I would say of course, but it will take more time.

16. @jaybaer: What has been the greater key to your success? Your knowledge of wine, or your knowledge of social media?

  • @garyvee My knowledge of life, and what people want, which is CARING and VALUE

17. @jaybaer: You’ve inspired and helped many people. Who inspires and helps you, other than your family?

  • @garyvee: Everyone and no-one…make any sense? I am not a consumer, it is really a wild part of me. That said anyone can inspire me.

18. @jaybaer: As you get “bigger” more and more people take shots at you. How does that make you feel? How do you respond?

  • @garyvee: I respect it, I have a BIG personality it comes with the territory. BUT I am not phased by anyone!

19. @jaybaer: Generally, winemakers and wineries are not very adept at social media. Why? Seems like a big opportunity.

  • @garyvee: I disagree the last few months they have exploded with their adoption.

20. @jaybaer: What’s the #1 takeaway from Crush It!? Why should people buy the book?

  • @garyvee: Because I lived it and I put it all out there! One place where my thesis is put out at a low price.

Wow. Some terrific stuff here from Gary. I especially like the part about focusing on caring and value. Looking forward to reading the book. Congrats to the winners.

What was your favorite Gary Vee answer?

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