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How A Simple Ask Garnered a 50% Increase in Facebook Page Likes in 48 Hours

Authors: John Clark John Clark
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Social Media MagicWhen it comes to expanding your the reach of your Facebook page sometimes all you have to do is ask.

How did the Czech Olympic Team increase their Facebook following (page likes) by more than 50% (47,000+ Page Likes) in 48 hours?

By asking for a like along with a great team photo.

The request, “Budeme tu mít 100 000 fanoušků než nastoupíme na plochu? Dejte nám like:)”, which roughly translated is “We’ll have 100,000 fans before boarding the desktop? Give us like :)”

How A Simple Ask Garnered a 50% Increase in Facebook Page Likes in 48 Hours


How did this come to my attention?

Well, at Rival IQ (disclosure this is my company) we make it easy to compare and contrast the social and online presence of companies in what we call a “market landscape”.  Inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympics, I put together a landscape of some of the National Olympic Committees that are in Rival IQ to see what I could learn.

A quick look at Facebook posts by engagement rate [ (Shares+Comments+Post Likes) / Page Likes] quickly surfaced this post as one that performed WAY above most other posts.

Look at the total engagement: 57K post likes on a page that had 95K total page likes at the time the post was made. That is over 50% of the followers engaging! Even more valuable were the 4,200 shares, which is likely where the new page followers came from since the people seeing the post initially were already following the page.

By the time I looked at this post a couple days after it was made, their following had increased to 142K. These people are perfect targets for updates from the Czech team. If I were in charge of social media for the team, I would be pretty happy right now.

As we continue to dig around Winter Olympic related insights, we will certainly share the things that stand out in one way or another. If you want to explore yourself feel free to make a copy of my National Olympic Organizations landscape or my Team USA 2014 Olympic Sponsors landscape in your own Rival IQ trial account and see what you can learn.

While we may not all have the power of national pride coupled with the Olympics to leverage a photo like this to grow our Facebook reach, it’s important to note that sometimes timing combined with the right “ask” can drive tremendous success.

Have you tried asking for likes or retweets for your brand? What kind of results did you experience?

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