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How Mobile, Content, Influence and Culture are Changing Marketing Forever {free ebook}

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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The Power of EverythingJay Baer Blog PostHas there ever been a more visceral, complex time to be a marketer? The rules (such as they are) are changing constantly, and new technology and rapid shifts in consumer behavior are giving best practices the shelf life of a ripe banana. It’s an era of exploration and experimentation that favors the nimble marketer.

To help document some of today’s important ideas about business culture, research, social media, mobile, content marketing and more, I recruited an all-star team of 12 contributors for this Power of Everything report. This menagerie of friends and colleagues are working with some of the biggest companies in the world to remake marketing and innovation.

Each was given the same assignment, to discuss the power of one important facet of successful business in approximately 250 words. Their lessons are insightful, useful, poignant and provocative.

I present to you: The Power of Everything.

Many thanks to the terrific contributors for their time and expertise. They are:

Jeff Rohrs of ExactTargetThe Power of Brand

Ann Handley of MarketingProfsThe Power of Storytelling

Marcus Sheridan of The Sales LionThe Power of Information

Eric Boggs of Argyle SocialThe Power of Listening

Amber Naslund of SideraWorksThe Power of Culture

Tom Webster of Edison ResearchThe Power of a Question

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing InstituteThe Power of Content Strategy

Gina Rau of JanrainThe Power of Data

Tim Hayden of Edelman DigitalThe Power of Mobile

Mark W. Schaefer of GrowThe Power of Influence

Jason Falls of Social Media ExplorerThe Power of Authenticity

Scott Stratten of UnMarketingThe Power of Awesome

Please enjoy the Power of Everything, and I’d sure appreciate you telling your friends about this project, as we put a lot of work into it. Tweet about this eBook with the #PowerOf hashtag, and I’ll send a beautiful, full-color hard copy to three supporters. Thanks mucho. ~ Jay

The Power of Everything from Jay Baer    (you can download the file at
What was your favorite Power Of passage…..?
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