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Joseph Jaffe – The Twitter 20 Twinterview about Social Media and Conversation Marketing

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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Joseph Jaffe of Jaffejuice and Crayon was the first interviewee in the Twitter 20 series from Jason Baer at Convince & Convert. 20 questions and answers live on Twitter. A twinterview.

If you sat in, I’d love your feedback and ideas in the comments below. Who would you like to see interviewed in in a future Twitter 20? Thanks for joining the conversation.

Joseph Jaffe Interview Transcript

1. @jaybaer: You’ve been in digital marketing for many years. How did you get involved in that area? Why not a fireman or an astronaut?

  • @jaffejuice: Digital is the forbidden fruit…one bite & there’s no going back. Marketing’s always been in my blood; digital is the evolution.

2. @jaybaer: You’re from South Africa. What brought you to the U.S.?

  • @jaffejuice: for all the wrong reasons…it was for love 🙂 I will say that South Africa kicks global butt when it comes to creativity

3. @jaybaer: Your book and presentations talk a lot about “conversation marketing”. Is that really marketing? Or is it customer service?

  • @jaffejuice: good twestion. It’s becoming more like customer service than traditional marketing; that said: marketing CAN be a conversation

4. @jaybaer: great interview with @comcastcares on your podcast. Hard to find good examples? Many killer conversations are invisible because they’re 1:1?

  • @jaffejuice: maybe so, but 1:1 convo’s are increasingly finding their way to mainstream; also…as a proxy 1 @comcastcares = 1,000’s of 1:1’s

5. @jaybaer: What are the main impediments for companies really joining the conversation?

  • @jaffejuice: first and foremost it’s about letting go in general and letting go of control specifically. Also learning to embrace negativity

6. @jaybaer: You talk about companies meeting consumers half-way in the conversation. What do you mean by that?

  • @jaffejuice: It’s about partnership; working with consumers as partners; listening & responding; balance between too much & too little control

7. @jaybaer: Organizationally, who do you think should “own” conversation marketing?

  • @jaffejuice: I talk a lot about “conversation depts” & a Chief Conversation officer; ideally entire org should own this; certainly NOT PR

8. @jaybaer: Because PR is about getting ink? What role do you see for agencies then in helping brands with their conversation marketing?

  • @jaffejuice: you expect me to answer in under 140 chars? 🙁 Presently structured, agencies are unable to deliver – commitment vs campaigns

9. @jaybaer: What’s the most overrated aspect of all this social media craziness?

  • @jaffejuice: I guess it’s the fickleness & foolish search for the next big thing; coupled with a lot of overpromising and superficial delivery

10. @jaybaer: Conversely, what component or tactic are too many people overlooking in their social media and conversation marketing efforts?

  • @jaffejuice: I have to fall on my sword and say Podcasting; the third place; on-demand audio; intimacy of convo with a “captive” listener etc

11. @jaybaer: On a side note, doesn’t conversation marketing preclude anything from being the next big thing? It’s about small things.

  • @jaffejuice: Amen. The seeds of conversation are not magic beans

12. @jaybaer: How do you see social media and conversations fitting into the overall digital marketing universe? Or does it?

  • @jaffejuice: No question that digital is a massive part of it, but many conversations do occur face-to-face; also don’t forget virtual worlds

13. @jaybaer: Do you support brands with outposts on Facebook et al? How can they build communities there?

  • @jaffejuice: FB is an outpost; Fan pages don’t work; groups are great when they’re consumer supported; brands need to catalyze existing grps

14. @jaybaer: You were an agency guy at Chiat/Day. Frustrations being the digital guru?

  • @jaffejuice: absolutely; working out the broom closet; removing one dagger for another wasn’t fun; org just wasn’t ready for change

15. @jaybaer: You work with a lot of big brands. Advantages o disadvantages on their ability to put your advice into action?

  • @jaffejuice: I like working with big brands (e.g. Panasonic) & the small start-ups (e.g. ooVoo); both have much to gain & unique challenges 

16. @jaybaer: Talk about your firm, Crayon. What is the approach? How does it differ?

  • @jaffejuice: we’re a strategic consultancy; most firms out there focus on execution &/or claim to understand strategy; also we walk our talk

17. @jaybaer: Crayon staff are located in many places, true? How does that work? Do you get together routinely, or is it mostly virtual?

  • @jaffejuice: We’re a remote company, but try to meet at least once a week in person; for now, we’re concentrated in the North East

18. @jaybaer: You travel a TON. How do you balance that with your family, something a lot of consultants face?

  • @jaffejuice: ugggh; it’s hard; next week I’m at the DMA in Vegas & then off to Mexico City; I’d rather complain when it’s not busy though 🙂

19. @jaybaer: How do you value blogging vs. podcasting vs. books vs. speaking? You said in your Podcast #111 you like it better than blogging.

  • @jaffejuice: no question blogging has been more valuable than podcasting, but I <3 podcasting; book & speaking reach unduplicated audience

20. @jaybaer: Your book “Join the Conversation” is killer. More planned? Will long-form publishing survive?

  • @jaffejuice: Talking with publisher in a few about #3 🙂 LT publishing becoming harder; so hard to break through with all the free IP out there
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