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Multiple Photo Posts Increased Clicks 1290% – Facebook Case Study

Authors: Jeff Widman Jeff Widman
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badge tools tacticsMTV Roadies, one of our customers at Pagelever, discovered a hot new Facebook marketing tactic and gave us permission to share. (While we hear a fair number of juicy tactics, we never share without client permission.)

MTV Roadies Facebook Marketing
Uploaded Photo Album automatically shows main image and three thumbnails below

From the beginning, photos were a key part of the MTV Roadies Facebook strategy. But they recently figured out a way to increase clicks on their photos by 1290%.

Increasing Facebook Photo Clicks by 1290%

The key was making sure each photo post contained multiple photos, not just one.

When you post a single photo, a fan sees everything right from the single thumbnail in their newsfeed. But when you post multiple photos, Facebook automatically converts it to an album and shows a main image, and thumbnails for the first 3 photos. Fans were curious to see the rest of the photos, so they clicked on the posts.

MTV albums increased consumptions 300x242 New FB Marketing Tactic: MTV Roadies Increased Clicks on their Facebook Page By 1290% Using Facebook AlbumsThe data shows how Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm factors in clicks, because as each album post accumulated more clicks, EdgeRank kept showing the post to more and more people–the albums basically went viral within the MTV Roadies Facebook fan base.

Implications for This Tactic

  • Photo album posts were clicked 12.9x more than single photo posts in the Facebook Newsfeed
  • Using Photo Albums instead of Single Photos on Facebook increased reach by 5.1x
  • Yes, clicks do appear to count for EdgeRank and partially determines how often Facebook shows your posts to your fans

Methodology of This Case Study 

We used our new Custom Post Tagging post tags cropped New FB Marketing Tactic: MTV Roadies Increased Clicks on their Facebook Page By 1290% Using Facebook Albumsfeature to measure single-photo posts versus photo-album posts. These numbers were averages across 33 individual photo posts and 100 album posts for a single Facebook page. This wasn’t just one post that did well, we tested 133 different photo posts.

Have you used the multiple photo, photo album feature on your brand Facebook page? Have you seen better results from this tactic?

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