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The Truth About Social Media Strategy

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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The Truth About Social Media Strategy

The biggest problem with organic social media for business is that the majority of companies are trying to employ a social media strategy that hinges on making social media do something it’s not well-suited to do: create new customers from thin air.

“My favorite part of social media is that companies are doing it,” said noone, ever. (highlight to tweet, it’s fun!)

Think about it from an audiences standpoint. Who is more likely to see what your business posts organically to social media across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the rest? People who don’t know your brand (new customers) or people who already know your brand (current customers)? Of course, it’s the people who already know your brand, as they are much more likely to be following your company in social, and thus be exposed to your organic posts.
We “like” in social media what we actually like in the real world.
The chances of someone following your company in social goes WAY up once they are a customer and have had a good experience with you. The consequences of this thinking fly in the face of the many, many, many social media consultants and self-styled gurus who will tell you how to gain more followers and then make lots of cash with social media strategy.

Social media engagement is a trailing indicator of brand relationships, not a leading indicator.

Can you sell stuff to new people in social media? Sure, but I recommend you mostly do that with paid social media. For the organic side, you will be much better off following this maxim:

The role of social media is to turn people who like you into people who love you.

I’ve created a handy graphic that diagrams this important difference. I’d love for you to share it and I hope you take a moment to comment below.

The truth about Social Media Strategy
The truth about Social Media Strategy

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