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What You Can Learn from a Tweeting Chicken

Authors: Jessica Gioglio Jessica Gioglio
Posted Under: Social Media
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In pursuit of Guinness World Record glory, Chicken Treat, an Australian restaurant chain, has handed its Twitter account over to a tweeting chicken named Betty.

Betty’s mission? To live tweet from a keyboard in her coop until she spells out a five letter word, the word count needed to nab the record.

Sound crazy? See Betty in action.

The campaign was launched on October 8th, and Betty has been at it for over one week now. While the majority of tweets come off as gibberish, or possibly a secret chicken language we less-wise birds aren’t privy to, Betty did manage to form one cheeky three-letter word.

Naturally, Chicken Treat was smart to realize that they couldn’t tweet complete gibberish for over a week and created a series of supporting content, images, and videos to drive additional engagement. And nod to the occasional and potentially awkward moments.

And drop the occasional words of wisdom.

So, what can you learn from a tweeting chicken?

Behind Every Good Chicken is a Team to Help Tell Her Story

Yes, this is a PR and marketing stunt—and a clever one at that. However, what makes the stunt more compelling is bringing the character of Betty the Chicken to life through video, live streaming, and images. By branding her as no ordinary bird and sharing the story of her rise to Twitter fame, viewers can get behind Betty’s bold mission to accomplish the impossible: spelling a five-letter word.

Incorporate a Live Element

To keep this campaign exciting, Chicken Treat was smart to leverage both Twitter and Periscope. While Betty’s busy owning Twitter, her team can add value with behind-the-scenes content in real-time, allowing fans to experience the campaign in different ways. Leveraging different yet complimentary storytelling channels and ongoing live check-ins are great tactics for keeping engagement going over a longer campaign time window.

Know When to Pull the Plug

Behind every bold campaign are a lot of what-ifs.

Imagine being in the planning meeting discussing the likelihood of a chicken being able to type a five-letter word and the time it would take to do so. Can you even imagine? Whenever faced with uncertainty, having a contingency plan and cohesive way to end the story on a high note is key.  Betty may not achieve her goal, but that doesn’t mean this campaign wasn’t a success. It’s all in how Chicken Treat positions her victory or defeat and looks to the future.

But, until then, let’s keep rooting for Betty!

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