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I was an early adopter of live Twitter interviews (twitterviews), long before George Stephanopoulos popularized the concept by chatting with Senator John McCain in 140 character bursts.

My first Twitter interview with with social media consultant Joseph Jaffe on October 10, 2008. Since then, I’ve conducted regular Twitter interviews with a series of social media luminaries, on an approximately twice monthly schedule.

The interview series is called Twitter 20 because I ask 20 questions during the sessions – which last approximately 90 minutes. The hash tag is #twt20 and I post transcripts of all interviews here.

I find the format to be very interesting and informative, as it cuts through the clutter and forces both interviewer and interviewee to be clear and concise. Some incredibly interesting insights have been offered as part of the Twitter 20 series.

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The Best of Twitter 20

The Twitter 20 Interview Series of Social Media Leaders:

Trey Pennington on Social Media and Humanity

Dan Zarrella on Viral Marketing and Social Media Science

Diane Hassen on Brand Communities

Dave Fleet on Social Media and PR

Gary Vaynerchuk on Crushing It

Olivier Blanchard on Social Media ROI

Spike Jones on Word of Mouth Marketing

Danny Brown on Authenticity

Beth Kanter on Social Change

Valeria Maltoni on Conversation

CC Chapman on Storytelling

Amber Naslund on Listening

David Armano on Social Business

Shannon Paul on Corporate PR

Lee Odden on Search and Social Media

Beth Harte on Social Media Marketing

Todd Defren on PR 2.0

David Alston about Share of Voice

Mack Collier on Blogging

Ann Handley on Content

BL Ochman on Social Media Best Practices

Jason Falls on Agencies and Social PR

Scott Monty on Enterprise Social Media

Joseph Jaffe on Conversation Marketing

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