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Travel, Tweets, Trends – Social Media Runs Rampant in Adventure Travel

travel social media

There’s been a lot of talk (and rightfully so) lately about industries where social media adoption is as slow as a Brett Favre farewell. Financial services. Utilities. Pharma. And a lot more. I’ll write more about those issues soon, but today let’s turn our attention to an industry where social media is thriving like Cher’s […]

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microMARKETING Requires Bayonets, Not Grenades


As an experienced marketer who has worked with dozens of big companies in his agency career (he’s currently a VP at Powered), Greg Verdino has had a ringside seat for the evolution of communication. He successfully documents that evolution in his new book microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small. Written with a […]

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Why Social Supports Email in the Interactive Marketing Hub

why social supports email in the interactive marketing hub

A big distinction between email marketing and social media marketing is the difference between actual audience and potential audience. Email is all about actual audience. If someone signs up for your email updates when you send one out, that person will receive it in almost every case. Will that open it? Approximately 25% of the […]

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5 Step Process for Social Media Success

social media success process

Social media makes big companies feel small again, and gives small companies a natural advantage because they are closer to their customers. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have interesting stories to tell. Finding and sharing them is the first step toward social media success. What is your process for harvesting stories within […]

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Why Social CRM Needs to Be Less About the Social and More About the Customers

Social CRM

Today’s guest post is by Kevin Troy Darling, Social Media Program Manager at iLinc Web Conferencing, who has been writing all his life, but only marketing pays. To paraphrase Tina Turner, we don’t need another acronym. The debate on Social CRM (sCRM) could easily become a distraction. We have many good tools at our disposal […]

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UNcanny Insights From UnMarketing


The new book UnMarketing from Canadian viral marketer and Twitter gadfly Scott Stratten takes the rules and purees them, Blendtec style. Here’s what makes UnMarketing an unusual, yet worthy use of your marketing education time: UNpretentious Unlike so many marketing books, Stratten doesn’t overcomplicate the subject matter. He believes that common sense should prevail, and […]

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11 Whys I’m a Social Media Addict

11 whys i_m a social media addict

Connectivity Social media brings me closer to people with whom I ordinarily would seldom interact. Family, friends, colleagues. As my co-author Amber Naslund put it once “with social media, my relationships aren’t bound by geography or circumstance.” Exactly. Humanity People always slam Twitter for people talking about “what they had for lunch” but the blending […]

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Do You Have the Guts to Expect Social Media Failure

social media failure

The fastest way to get your company to be on the social media sidelines is to get your company involved in social media. There’s a huge gap between the perception of social media as an instant, free, can’t miss marketing opportunity and the reality of social media as a long-term, time-intensive customer loyalty and brand […]