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How to Humanize a Sketchy Industry

ExpertBail coasters

Social media is about people, not logos. I saw a presentation at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Forum in Austin a few ago from Eric Granof, CMO of ExpertBail, which seeks to become the country’s first branded network of bail bonds companies. Like video stores before Blockbuster, and ice cream parlors before Dairy Queen, Expert Bail […]

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Using a Social FAQ to Kick Start Content Marketing


If you conquered four words, you’d have a better social media program than 90% of all companies. If you just utilized “thank you” and “I’m sorry” appropriately and often, you’d be in pretty good shape. But getting to true sociability requires more than just replying to direct inquiry. You have to use content marketing to […]

Social Media Research

Why I’m Competing With You. And You. And You. And You.


Social media changes the very fabric of corporate competition. It used to be that your competitors were the people that sold similar goods and services, or operated in the same geographical area. No more. Now, you’re competing with Coke. With McDonald’s. With Chevy. And Zappos. And Jet Blue. And every other company on the planet. […]

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Invitation Avalanches, Attention Infidelity, and the Science of the Social Break-Up

The Social Break-Up

Is the golden goose poisoned before it’s even an adult? The current relationship between companies and consumers via social media and email is unsustainable. The backlash has begun, and abuse of any one channel has a spillover effect on consumer attitudes toward other channels. That’s one of my main takeaways from fascinating new research from […]

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The 5 Reasons Most Companies Aren’t Measuring Social Media

social media success metrics

We hate math. Our abhorrence for calculation enables us to mutually agree on statistically dubious metrics with nary a shrug or arched eyebrow. Consider Nielsen ratings, which are used to determine the popularity of all TV shows and, consequently, how the dozens of billions of dollars in TV advertising is apportioned. Nielsen ratings have a […]

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5 Search and Social Trends for 2011


Recently, I participated in a Webinar with my friend and client Chris Baggott of Compendium. We talked about the convergence of search and social media, and how content marketing is bridging both areas. We settled on 5 trends that we think will be especially important in 2011 (read or print yourself via Scribd, or see […]