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Who Cares What Chris Brogan is Drinking?


You know who Chris Brogan is, right? Skip the following paragraph. What?!? You don’t know the name? Chris is the publisher of Owner Magazine, CEO of Human Business Works, a publishing and media company, a keynote speaker, marketing consultant to major brands, and the bestselling author of six books. Marketers want a piece of Chris. […]

Content Marketing

7 Content Marketing Poop Scoops


I believe the most common content marketing question I field is: Barry, how do I make exciting content about (insert dull product category here)? On one hand, it’s a good question in that the marketer asking it knows dull content is deadly. But it’s a bad question too. Why? Because it’s the wrong question. The […]

Content Marketing

25 Brain Lubricants to Generate Content Ideas

Brain Lubricants

Feeling stuck? The content’s not coming. It happens. I’m often asked where do you find ideas? I’m not sure I have the answers, but the question got me thinking. The tin man followed the yellow brick road. No guarantees, but maybe one of the following brain lubricants ease you on down the road to Oz. […]

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The Biggest, Yet Never Mentioned, Benefit of Content Marketing

Text Content on colorful wooden cubes

We can pretend we’ve all accepted the commonly understood benefits of content marketing. But we’d be pretenders. Let’s deal with the digits. Content marketing can help you make money. Planned and executed by marketing professionals, your content marketing efforts will drive traffic to your site and increase leads. It’s capable of playing a role in helping you better […]

Content Marketing

11 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Convert Into Customers

conversion repellent

Just four years ago, my friend Marcus Sheridan discovered the power of content marketing and rescued his nearly bankrupt pool and spa business. He dove deep into blogging and propelled River Pools and Spas to a dominant leadership position in his home state of Virginia. Today, while still maintaining partial ownership of the pool business, […]

Content Marketing

Why You Shouldn’t Do Content Marketing

Why You Shouldn't Do Content Marketing

I’m guilty. There. An odd way to come out of the 2013 gate, I admit, but the truth will set you free, right? Intent to harm doesn’t factor into this crime. In fact, until now, I wasn’t even aware of my wrongdoing. My admission now: I’ve been talking some of my clients into doing content […]