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11 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips from Social Media Experts

Authors: Barry Feldman Barry Feldman
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11 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips from Social Media Experts

If you just landed here from planet Outbound Marketing or its satellite, planet Offline Marketing, I may be doing you a service by telling you Instagram is the blazing hot channel you want to master.

If you hang out with us here in the inbound and online world, such a proclamation would simply solicit a “no duh.” Nary a day goes by—when I get to my inbox each morning—that I’m not offered a blog post or content of some sort about capitalizing on the rocket ship that is Instagram.

And when my family convenes, which includes two teenagers and their expanding buying powers—and everyone’s tapping away on their iPhones—I don’t even have to ask what they’re doing. They’re cruising and using Instagram.

Is everyone?

Well, no, not everyone, but nearly a billion people are (as you’re about to see). And a surprising 60 percent of them are adults.

Instagram's user base will likely hit 1 billion in 2018. Click To Tweet

So over on the ShortStack blog, where I contribute often, and where social media marketers come to learn about the power of Instagram contests and promotions, I rounded up a series of great marketing ideas from Instagram experts. I tapped the minds of the leading Instagram bloggers, authors, and leaders of companies that deliver Instagram-specific software services to social media marketers and collected a little goldmine of tips.

I invite you to check out ALL the tips here or simply scroll to take in my favorites, an infographic I titled “11 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips.”


Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts, infographic

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