Why Twitter is Not Your Bae

Why Twitter is Not Your Bae

The problem isn’t that brands are using bae and other youth slang, it’s where they are using it – in social media venues that lack appropriate targeting, explains Jay Baer

EGC is the Key Content Marketing Trend

EGC employee generated content

EGC – Employee Generated Content is a critical component of any thriving content marketing program. But it’s not always easy to get content from employees. From Jay Baer, here are 4 tips on how to make EGC work in your company.

How Cabela’s Uses Social to Turn Customers Into Friends


Adam Buchanan, Social Media Manager at Cabela’s, joins the first 2015 episode of the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the value of customer and employee involvement in social media content, symbiotic partnerships with like-minded businesses, and the importance of experiential learning in social media.

Is SEO Still Relevant?

Is SEO Still Relevant

The number 5 most searched for job skill on LinkedIn in 2014 was SEO and paid search. SEO may have changed a lot, but it’s as important as ever, and as content creation increases, it will be even more critical.

Content Marketing

Announcing a New Podcast for Content Marketers

Announcing a New Podcast for Content Marketers

More than any other content format podcasting is poised to explode, because it’s the one type of content you can consume while also doing something else.┬áThat’s why we built MarketingPodcasts.com (the only search engine for marketing podcasts), and also why we at Convince & Convert are positively THRILLED to launch our third podcast… Content Pros. […]