Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert will double your digital.

We are not an agency. We’re strategic advisors and your secret weapon; a cadre of digital marketing and online customer experience experts that helps the world’s most interesting brands dramatically increase customer acquisition and retention. How can we help you?

The Convince & Convert team, hand-picked by Jay, uses our decades of experience to help move your company or organization forward in digital through process improvement, customer attitudinal research, competitor analysis, trend-spotting, and creative campaign ideas that get results.

If you succeed, we’ll succeed.

Our Net Promoter Score is currently 77, ranking Convince & Convert among the world’s most beloved brands.

Why do our consulting clients recommend us so highly? Because we deliver sound, honest advice and we do it on time, and on budget. Plus, we bend over backwards to be the easiest-to-work-with consultancy in the world.


We work with IBM, Oracle, SAP, Allstate, adidas, Cisco, Motley Fool, Hilton, PF Chang’s, David Weekley Homes, Best Buy, 3M, Grand Ole Opry, Comcast, Cabela’s, Columbia Sportwear, Billabong, Cambia Healthcare, Arizona State University, The United Nations, and dozens more. See our full client list and case studies.

How We Work

Over the past 10 years, we’ve developed a proven system that helps our clients double their digital.

If you’re craving change and want to take your digital to the next level, we’ll get you there together.


In Launchpad, we get the rocket ready. Together we discover what makes your team tick, and uncover the heart of your brand. We discuss where you’ve been, where you are, and where you need to go. What works for other brands may not work for your brand, and vice-versa. Launchpad is unique to every partner, as each requires an individualized approach to content, social, customer experience, and digital marketing strategy.

To identify each eyelash and freckle of your brand, we’ll analyze everything: content, social, websites, email, mobile, payments, advertising, personas, customer experience, competitors, and more. We don’t expect our clients to have all this information pulled together and tied with a ribbon—our team helps gather the statistical resources needed to complete the Launchpad phase.

After completing Launchpad, we won’t claim to know your brand better than you do, but that’s our goal.

Acceleration Plan

Once we’ve built the Launchpad and discovered where you are and where your competitors are, it’s time get to you moving in the right direction, fast.

In Phase 2, we tackle the questions you’ve been asking yourself for months, maybe even years. We dig deep, cover all the bases, and make sure every prescribed answer is crystal clear, sparkling even. In full detail, we’ll answer questions such as:

  • What type of content should we be creating?
  • How can we best tell our brand story?
  • What digital media best supports our content?
  • When should we post on social?
  • How can we build our email subscriber list?
  • Is anyone using Twitter anymore?
  • What is the value of video content and how much should we invest in video?
  • How can we amplify our content internally?
  • How can we make the most of influencer marketing?
  • What metrics should we focus on when measuring our content marketing?
  • What tools should I be using to measure our social media?
  • Do we really have to start using Snapchat?
  • How can we tie social media advertising to email and Web behavior?

When answering these questions (and many more), we will prepare your team to step into the cockpit and launch the plan that will double your digital. We will deliver—live at your offices—the instruction manual for your new trajectory. Your Acceleration Plan will include some combination of:

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Measurement
  • Social Media Strategy and Measurement
  • Amplification Strategy and Measurement
  • Online Customer Experience Strategy and Measurement


Once delivered, your Acceleration Plan is a gift and a curse. Yes, you now have a recipe for doubling your digital marketing success. However, the plan will invariably recommend change, and change can be difficult and uncomfortable. We’ve learned (the hard way, unfortunately) that if we hand over an Acceleration Plan and immediately part ways, our partner’s chance for meaningful success is diminished significantly. No one wants that.

Enter Pathfinder.

In this phase, we work with your team to implement the Acceleration Plan recommendations. We meet every two weeks to check progress, optimize the plan (because digital, in particular, changes all the time), train your team on new tactics, and journey together on a trajectory of success. Each quarter, we have a longer Pathfinder Progress session where we gather together in a video meeting to take a good look at key project metrics and milestones and do a deeper dive on where the plan should change.

In short, no need for tearful goodbyes. If you have questions or concerns—maybe you need content ideas for a new product launch, ASAP! Maybe your CEO needs some convincing to trust live video. Maybe you aren’t sure what direction to take your Instagram content—we’ll be just a call, or email, away.

See our Content Marketing, Social Media, Customer Experience, Influencer Marketing, and Workshops pages for more information on these programs.

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